Documentary implicates Schwab, Gates, WHO, UN and other globalist entities in massive crime of ‘democide’

The world must ‘Cut Off the Head of the Snake’

or devolve into a new Dark Age of tyrannical global government.

I reported last week on the arrest of a prominent international lawyer who has been investigating and exposing the criminal intent surrounding the unleashing of toxic Covid “vaccines” on the world population.

Today, I discovered another influential man, along with a woman, who might want to watch their backs.

They are Swiss banker Pascal Najadi and Swiss scientist turned WHO-whistleblower Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger.

Najadi is a prominent former Swiss banker who has called for the arrest of corporate elites and unelected globalist bureaucrats over allegations of “democide.”

According to Wikipedia, democide is a term coined by American political scientist Rudolph Rummel to describe “the intentional killing of an unarmed or disarmed person by government agents acting in their authoritative capacity and pursuant to government policy or high command.” This definition covers a wide range of deaths, including mass deaths due to governmental acts of criminal omission and neglect by governments or those with defacto government powers.

Pascal Najadi, a Swiss merchant banker of Persian discent, has joined forces with Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger to demand criminal prosecutions of those behind Big Pharma’s Covid injections, which they describe as “bioweapons.”

They make their case in a new mini documentary titled Cutting off the Head of the Snake.


Documentary implicates Schwab, Gates, WHO, UN and other globalist entities in massive crime of ‘democide’

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