DeSantis Guilty Of Accessory To Mass Holocaust of Children, Ships Guns, Ammo, Drones To Occupied Palestine To Slaughter Indigenous Semitic Palestinian Children Who Are Descendants of the Biblical Judeans

DeSantis on Thursday announced that the state of Florida has used cargo planes to send drones, body armor and helmets to IsraHell — and that he’s also facilitated the shipment of guns and ammunition that were privately purchased.

Some Thoughts For Occupied Americans Today

New House Speaker Mike Johnson vows to send BILLIONS of U.S. taxpayer dollars to defend Israel while America’s own border remains undefended THOU SHALT NOT CRITICIZE ISAREL: Social media giants now CENSORING CONTENT that supports people of Gaza and opposes indiscriminate bombings by Israel EERILY SILENT: Israel’s utter DISREGARD for civilian life in […]

US War Criminal Warplanes Illegally in Syria, Conduct Major War Crime Strikes On Syrian Freedom Fighters In Syria Where Iran is an Ally of Syria

The JewS in yet another war crime has Holocausted Syrians for resisting US’s illegal invasion and illegal occupation of the Syrian oil fields where the JewS continues to steal Syria’s oil, Syrian Freedom Fighters trying to end Jews’s Illegal Military Armed Robbery Occupation of Syria’s Oil Fields. Syria’s ally Iran, which has not first attacked […]


The ‘UNITED STATES’ is a master of using false flags to herd the sheep into wars and giving up their God Given Rights so the “government” which did the terroristic False Flag can “protect” the sheep from more US run False Flags. The Spanish American war was fought because US wanted Spain’s colonies. US sent […]