Show Me To The Kiddy Playground US Senator Lindsey Graham Threatens To Bomb Iran Which Has Not Attacked America, or Anyone Else First in 300 Years, In Support of Rothschild’s Israel Which Bombed America At New York On 11 Sept. 2001

The Ole Dog! ran from his duty to the Creator God hard this life.
He did not want to be a general, president, or for that matter even have to deal with the American sheeple in any capacity.

Course the US murdering his bodies his last two lives when he stood up for America and the Americans sheeple, while the American sheeple voted for the degenerate war criminals who murdered his bodies, kinda soured him a bit on the American sheeple.

The Ole Dog! however has trekked through history for a very-very long time.
He is a master of the knowledge of subterfuge, shuck and jive and blackmail.

The average ass hole who is attracted to court or politics as it is called today, is a dick sucking take it up the ass whore and opportunistic evil me first sell their sick grandma to a whore house in Katmandu for another shekel piece of hammered pig shit.

But to play the game they have to be good hypocrites.
They wave their chosen religious writings book around, put on a front of caring for the people and “public service”.

Such a bottom feeding scum sucker most often behind the curtain do some real low life things.

When one wishes to blackmail such pieces of hammered pig shit, a Master Blackmailer studies his mark.

If Greed is the Mark’s God, it is arranged to throw some ill gotten gains their way, small ones at first like when fishing one allowed to fish to first nibble at the bait so they lust for the whole bait, taking it all into their mouth so the hook can be set.

Then with the proof of bribes, insider trading, theft from the people they claim to serve, one owns their asses with blackmail.

If they are kiddy f##kers, one sets up a situation which allows them to rape a child, just let them nibble at the bait first, then more children until their lust causes them to go whole hog in degenerate acts of child rape, one video tapes these rapes as Mossad Jeffery Epstien and his Child Rape for blackmail purposes Mossad Madam Maxwell did in their Mossad Honey Trap, and you own their asses.

If grown women are their weakness, one studies them to find exactly their dream women.
Color of hair, size of hips and breast, facial features favored, skin tone,.

One then makes such a women available, perhaps as a secretary or wife of an associate.
If one really wishes to have their nuts in a vise, one arranges them to get this women pregnant so they have a lust child outside their marriage.

Once the Bible thumping pretend “christian” is hooked, one has the DNA of the child, the pictures, the videos, the women who can testify to the torrid affair, one owns their asses.

If the Mark is Homosexual or Bi-Sexual, male or female, one makes sure their same sex dream boat is made available in sneaky ways to get the videos.

If drugs or alcohol is a weakness, one makes sure they have “friends” who encourage the excess use of such, leading to dropping of inhibitions leading to blackmailable events.

Now, the End of Times Pedophile’s Death Cult members called Jews, owe their loyity first and foremost and always to the cult, so when they admit publicly being a member of the Jew Cult

one knows automatically they are treasonous to their host country and people.

But when some degenerate like Show Me To The Kiddy Playground Graham caterwauls for involving America/Americans in a war against a country and people who have never first attacked America/Americans

in support of an evil Kiddy F##ker cult

who’s members have attacked America/Americans again and again

Nitwityahoo quote from 2002

One who is not a Master of blackmail and subterfuge as the Ole Dog! is, might wonder why a scum sucking treasonous piece of pig s#it like Show Me To The Kiddy Playground Graham is betraying his people and country for an evil cult which hates America, has attacked America again and again in every conceivable way they can dream up in the demonically controlled zionist Zombie Virus Host minds.

Elementary my dear Watson.


has the video tapes.

The Ole Dog!

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