Foreign backers of terrorists [UNITED STATES & Israel] responsible for ‘criminal’ Terrorist drone strike in Syria

Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi says foreign backers of terrorist groups, [US & Israel] including the occupiers, [US] [Israel] are responsible for a “criminal” drone attack on a military academy in Syria’s western city of Homs that has killed [Holocausted] scores of Syrians. “Undoubtedly, the responsibility for this tragic incident lies with the [US & Israel] […]

Prominent Non Semitic Turkmen Mongolian Mongrel Khazaria Illegal Invasive Species red Russian Occupier Of Palestine Says Spitting on Christians ‘Ancient Jewish Custom’

Israeli settler activist Elisha Yered, who is suspected of involvement in the killing of Palestinian teen Qosai Mi’tan, made the comment amid a rise in incidents of Jews spitting on or near Christian worshippers in Jerusalem’s Old City reposted from Ha’aretz, October 3, 2023 Israeli settler Elisha Yered, who is suspected of involvement in the […]

Federal Child Trafficking Pipeline Exposed | THE REAL SOUND OF FREEDOM | Muckraker Report

Every month, thousands of foreign children are trafficked into the United States. They are drugged and smuggled into the United States, detained by border patrol, held in top-secret compounds, and finally, delivered into the hands of human traffickers by government contractors. Some of the contractors involved in this operation are CIA-affiliated. A sophisticated network of […]

America’s border war has begun

Immigrants come legally and assimilate into a society. Invaders invade. This is an invasion facilitated by the treasonous political whores in DC and Sodom & Gomorrah on the Colorado sometimes called Austin. If the God-less Communist yankees would not have illegally invaded the Republic of Texas in 1865 and set up an occupation administration known […]