Trump & Biden are both Pedos, EVERYONE in DC is a Treasonous A$$ holes, Putin is a Jew, the Ukrainian “War” is a farce, United States is a Corporation, Jews are NOT Semitic, Millions have died from the Killer Jab for a Non Existent “Virus”, and it is Sunday

A brother and I in our old age admitted to each other in our youth when we tried to explain things to folks and they got that deer in the headlights look on their face, we thought they were just playing stupid for some reason.

We both admitted as the years went by we discovered they were not playing stupid.

The system is broke.

Most everything Americans believe to be true is a damned lie.

If one is not a pedophile

or a bribe taking lying useful clown, one is not allowed to go to Washington DC or the state houses.

Putin is a red Russian Turkmen Mongolian Khazarian mongrel Jew.

Remember, Jew means a member of the End of Times Pedophile’s Death Cult religion, not a race, sub race or ethnicity.

Kind of like the Baptist race.

And it is Sunday.

My mother was infected with the Zionist Zombie Virus as a child.
It lay dormant until she and my father had a couple of kids, at which point she had a “personal experience with Jesssssuuuuusss!!!!”.

Everything fun was a sin.

Fishing on Sunday was strictly forbidden as a sin.

By the time I was around fifteen years old I had read the Roman Slave Cult religion Bible from cover to cover several times and had not been infected by the Zionist Zombie virus.
I figured out the Fish did not know it was Sunday and I did not care.
Fishing was good.

Course my mother had to pray for my “wayward” soul a lot.

I have a huge advantage over the sheeple.
They are constantly fearful God will send them to hell.
God can not send me to hell.
I am already here.
I walk among sheep.
Their fearful ignorant bleating is like red hot pokers being inserted into my ears.

Ignorance has always offended me.

The Ole Dog!

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