El Degüello (Give Them No Quarter)

Santa Anna, the little bantam rooster Mexican General, had this song played to the The men defending the Alamo, in 1836.

It is the cut throat or slit throat song.

It meant no quarter, every soldier would be killed, no surrenders taken.

And all were killed.

I am damn proud of those men who gave their lives for Texicans freedom in 1836.

I am especially warmed by Davy Crockett’s way of doing business. As a congressman from Tennessee, he had to deal with the yankee’s dishonesty, self righteousness, lies, dishonest ways, the raping financially of the Southern States by the yankees who had more votes in Washington DC. He lost his bid for reelection, as some of his own State were infected with the yankee virus.

He told them: “You may all go to hell and I will go to Texas.”

Unfortunately in 1865, the damn yankee scum followed his path to Texas.

The Republic of Texas has been illegaly militarily occupied for 158 years and counting.

I intend to see the Republic of Texas freed from foreign occupation.

Sixth generation Texican, who’s mothers family lines came to Texas in the 1840s. My great great grandfather Martin was an Alamo City Guard, part of the Texas 1st Light Artillery which took the yankee’s surrender in Down Town San Antonio, then guarded San Antonio for a time, after the surrender of the yankees in San Antonio.

Great great grandfather Baker fought the duration in the Trans-Mississippi theater with the 13th Regiment of the Texas Cavalry.

Fathers line came in 1863, fourth generation Texican on that side.

I would like to, politically speaking, dedicate this song to both the San Antonio Vincy “city government”, and the yankee Vincy occupation “State government”, in Austin,

as well as all the commie lockdown scum, mediatory useless as teats on a boar hog dust Maskholes, and all who screamed for folks to be forced to take the death dart Killer Jabs,

Way past time for folks to convene Nuremberg styled Common Law tribunals, give all child raping treasonous political whores, MSM talking heads involved in making war against Americans and Texicans fair trials and fair hangings.

The Ole Dog!

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