An Evil Anti-American Commie Zionist Zombie Has Gone Home To Hell

“Half-Staff Alert!
Fly the United States Flag
at Half-Staff Immediately Until Sunset
on the Date of Interment
(unknown at this time)
in Honor of Senator Dianne Feinstein”.

My brother called me and said he bet the evil treasonous bitch is begging for air conditioning at this point.

An enemy of America and humanity at large has returned to hell from whence the evil bitch was birthed.

Fly your flags at half staff hell!
Wave banners, have block parties, fire off cannons in celebration.

My father unlike me seldom ever used a cuss word.
When he was a young man FDR was president and turning America into a Rothschild’s red Russian Communism shit hole.

FDR got reelected for a third time by promising to keep America out of Rothschild’s pre-planned European banker’s war of World War Two.

After reelection he used economic sanctions to back Japan into a corner so they would attack the UNITED STATES CORPORATION’S

military which was illegally by force occupying the Polynesian kingdom of Hawaii.

FDR kept the information the attack was coming from the navy admiral and army general at Pearl so the American body count and destruction of ship would be sufficient to make Americans mad enough to want war which they had been against.

The day FDR died while between the legs of his private whore, my father went downtown Gonzales Texas.

Some Commie lover with a long face asked my father, “Did you hear the president died?”.

My father replied, “Well, that’s one way to get the son of a bitch out of office!”.

Might want to pray more ancient perverted anti-American old f##ks making war against Americans and humanity from Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac

Quote from 2002

soon reach room temperature!

The Ole Dog!

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