West Point Now Offers a Degree In Treason to America While Chewing Rope & Taking It Up The Ass

General George Patoon pisses off a bridge his men built to cross the Rhine river so he could kick ass just like his ancestor Julius Caesar pissed off a bridge his men built to cross the Rhine so Julius could kick ass.
Wolves marking their territory.

Warriors are born, not made.
Send a real warrior to West Point and he will emerge as a real warrior DESPITE what they try to indoctrinate them with at West Point.

Send a pussy suck up politician in a uniform to West Point like the No Combat Coward War Criminal Ike,

and they will emerge as a Pussy Coward who did war crimes just like Ike.

Patton kept Ike from getting court marshaled for plagiarism when the No Combat Coward Ike was a junior officer.

Then Ike went and sucked up to FDR’s daughter to get promoted.

When Americans entered the war in North Africa, they got their asses slaughtered at Kasserine Pass, Ike had to send Patton in to turn things around.

During WW2, Patton told in his diary how when he would have dinner with Ike, Ike would whine it was hard knowing what decisions to make concerning the war when Ike had no combat experience.
Patton said as top “general” in the theater if Ike wanted to get into combat to get that experience that could have been easily done.

Ike stopped Patton from ending WW 2 in Europe in 1944 by taking away Patton’s fuel, ammo and supplies when Patton was about to cross the Rhine.
The German Generals said after the war if Ike had not stopped Patton from crossing the Rhine at that point, German resistance would have crumbled and the war would have been at an end.

As a side note, if the treasonous No Combat Coward Ike had not stopped Patton from ending the war in 44, there would have been no Battle of the Bulge in which more Americans died than any other battle in the European theater to include the D-Day Landings.
So all Americans dying in the war in Europe from September 1944 until it ended in 1945, were murdered either by outright treason against America/Americans by Ike or outright stupidity of tactics and war.

So Ike made sure WW2 continued until the red Russian Communist could gobble up three more Eastern European countries and set up the Cold War which led to Americans dying in the Korean War and the Viet Nam wars.

Ike went to Russia and stood proudly with the mass Holocauster Stalin at the tomb of Lenin, but he and General Bradly did not attend Patton’s funeral after they betrayed America and helped murder him.

So one must either chose if they believe Ike was on purpose betraying American interest or just a real stupid fuck up with no idea of tactics or military matters.

When Ike was going to put American troops at Ardennes for “rest and relaxation”, Patton warned him not to as Patton told the No Combat Coward Ike that was where the Germans would do a counter offensive if they could muster the means to do so.

The No Combat Coward rope chewing politician in a uniform told Patton he was crazy, put the troops there for “rest and relaxation”.

When the Germans did their counter offense just as Patton predicted, Patton had to pull out of an ongoing battle in the worst winter on record in Europe, march his men and tanks over a hundred miles in the freezing blinding snow and attack without rest to keep the Allies from being kicked back across the English Channel which would have meant the Allies would have had to sue for a political settlement to the war leaving Hitler and Germany in control of Western Europe.

When Patton was trying to save the people from two and a half generations of being slaves to an evil Khazarian Jewish run Communist Cabal

by not letting the gang raping all German females from 8 to 80 years old Mongolian Russian troops take the last Eastern European counties who’s people were begging Patton to save them from the Russians, and to take Berlin so the Cold War could not happen,

Ike made Patton stop saving the Eastern Europeans from the “tender mercies” of the Khazarian Mongolian mongrel bastards, and made Patton stand by while the Russian mongrels took Berlin.

When even after the war was over Patton tried to stop the Cold War Ike sacked him from his position and then helped Washington DC murder Patton to shut him up.

Patton was opposed to sending Germans to sure death as slave labor to the criminally insane mass Holocauster Stalin

Additional reasons Ike and the US/DC murdered Patton was Patton was against Ike sending three million Eastern Europeans to Stalin to mass murder or work to death in his hell hole slave labor camps.

THE DELIVERY TO STALIN OF OVER TWO [THREE MILLION ACCORDING TO LATER TABULATION] MILLION PEOPLE BY BRITAIN AND THE UNITED STATES. Reveals how, between 1944 and 1947, around 50,000 Cossacks, Croats and other Soviet citizens in Nazi Germany – prisoners of war and refugees from the tyranny of Stalin’s Communism – were forcibly repatriated.

Patton Knew thousands of US GIs who had been in German POW camps were “liberated” by the red Russians were being abandoned to their deaths by Stalin without US even asking for them back so Ike and DC could have a love fest with the red Russian Commies.

Patton was opposed to Ike Holocausting at least 1.3 million German POWs and German civilians in his Rhine Medow Death Camps.

Because Patton did not go along with Ike’s and US/DC’s betrayal of the American people in favor of red Russian Communism, Ike helped US/DC murder Patton.

Well, the war was over and Ike did not need Patton to keep pulling the treasonous to Americans No Combat Coward Ike’s chestnuts out of the fire again and again.

Two American generals went to West Point.
One was a born Warrior who would have been a Warrior if he had not attended West Point.

The other was a No Combat Coward Non Warrior treasonous rope chewing ass kissing politician in a uniform who went to West Point but was not a warrior even after attending West Point.

Warriors are born, just like Patton was.

Ass kissing pussy treasonous bastards are born that way, just like Ike, and not even four years at West Point could change that.

Today West Point weeds out any warriors loyal to America and promotes trannys, queers and non warriors who can chew rope and take it up the ass while serving the Globalist making a 3ed world shit hole of America.

Americans would be better served by shutting West Point down and turning it into a real whore house where soiled doves who sell their wares are housed.

That at least would clean up a lot of street corners!

The Ole Dog!

‘West Point Now Offers a Degree In Treason to America While Chewing Rope & Taking It Up The Ass’

Class of ’20 Inaugural Diversity & Inclusion Studies Minors

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategies
Diversity & Inclusion Plan (2020-2025)
USCC Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Strategy (2020) [release o/a 11 JUL 2020]
Dean’s Diversity Strategy (AY 2017)
Diversity & Inclusion Studies Minor (Request Curriculum Committee)
Diversity, Inclusion, Equity at USMA

Diversity & Inclusion Studies Minor
Diversity and Inclusion Studies (DISM) is an interdisciplinary minor administered by the Department of Behavioral Sciences & Leadership that consists of humanities and social science courses. America is a multicultural polity and demands knowledgeable and pragmatic thinkers who understand the range of human experiences. The Diversity and Inclusion Studies Minor (DISM) exposes cadets to varied perspectives & methodologies for understanding and studying the humanities. By carefully drawing from existing courses in multiple departments, the DISM complements and enhances the core curriculum, academic majors, and several West Point Centers and committees. The DISM helps fulfill the Superintendent’s and Dean’s vision for diversity and inclusion at West Point. Moreover, the DISM at West Point offers cadets a framework for critically and creatively thinking about the broader impact of diversity and inclusion at the individual, organizational, societal, and/or global levels. It also provides our cadets opportunities to pursue diversity and inclusion in intra-, multi- and inter-disciplinary ways.

5-Course Minor


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