American Voters LOVE War Criminal Children RAPING Pedophiles, Queers and Trannys

American voters have been LOVING and voting for War Criminal baby rapers, queers and trannys for a very long time.

They failed to mention he was a closet queer who shacked up with males

Reagan was not clean, but Papa CIA BadBush Sr. was known to be a serial child raping ass hole

Bill the walking Rape Dick Clinton never met a little girl or young women he did not want to rape, and many times did.

Get your own tranny Jr.BadBush, this one is mine

The Draft dodging drug addict chicken hawk war criminal BadBush Jr was a Hoto who had press credentials given to a former homosexual call boy so he could check into the big white Cat House in which the Monica full service Oval office is located for overnight “fun and games”.

The Killer Drone Obombister has always been jealous Manshell has a bigger tamale than him.

The few former victims of Mossad Jeffery’s Child Rape for Blackmail Purposes honey trap operation who have spoken out about Trump raping them have said he told them he chose them as they reminded him of his daughter.

Poor Hands all over little girls Biden.
He is now so senile he can not even remember which little girls in a crowd he has felt up two minuets later.

The evil pedophile loving Head Uppus Assus American breed of sheeple bleat “GOD BLESS THE US, GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!”.

Why the HELL would God bless the US or America?

Do they think God is an evil mass murdering war mongering child raping queer perverted tranny or pedophile?

The Ole Dog!

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