Time for Catholic Church to abolish celibacy – top bishop-BUT THEN WHERE WOULD ALL THE PEDOPHILES HIDE?

Yahweh was never the Creator God.
Yeshua called Jesus the Judeian, who was not a Jew cult member, never claimed to be equal to the Creator God of the Universe.

The little boy raping priest of the Roman slave cult religion decided he was equal to the real Creator God at the Council of Nicaea in 0325 AD when thy also decided a fairytale of one life, then heaven or hell would be more useful in herding the sheep through the slaughterhouse door of paying tribute to Rome and being used as cannon fodder in the Vatican’s bloody Holocausting wars of conquest.

In the San Antonio, a big tourist draw are the Spanish Missions.
Millions of people have looked at them with admiration never realizing they are soaked in the blood of indigenous peoples who were kidnapped by the Catholic Church, forced into slave labor, with any who resisted the slavery being murdered by the church.

From the beginning, the churches claim to fame was based on a false god, and lies the church made up about a Judeian revolutionary who was executed by Rome for trying to kick the Romans out of his land of Judea.

Celibacy of the priesthood was instituted when the popes noticed when a priest died, his family inherited his stolen from the poor wealth.

No wife, no kids, then the church inherited the loot of the Vatican’s crime cabal priest and bishops.

Perhaps it is past time for the Catholic church to abolish itself.

The Ole Dog!

The president of the Swiss Bishops’ Conference has called on the Vatican to abolish its celibacy rule and consider admitting female priests, after a study revealed more than 1,000 cases of sex abuse by priests since 1950.

[A 1,000, a low balled number in Switzerland alone the Vatican could not sweep under the rug].


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