There Are NO Good or Assimilated Jews

Some jews are trying to push the GOOD Jew/Bad Jew myth.
An excerpt from a current article trying to promote that fallacy.

“Most Jewish people are OBLIVIOUS to what kind of evil prevails at the very top of their religion. This religion is just NOT interested in converting any non-believers, just killing them. That makes Judaism fairly unique.”

“Bearing in mind that the “god” of the Talmud is Satan,

Yosef Mizrachi “justifies” the CHABAD plan to wipe more than 6 billion Goyim “Livestock” from the face of the Earth (as commanded by the Talmud), by stating:
“You have six billion idol-worshipers who make ‘god’ [Satan] angry every second of their lives: Indians, Chinese, Japanese, Tibet, Nepal, Thailand … India alone is 500 million, Chinais 2 billion, so many … There are 2 billion Christians who are idol-worshipers. Between the Chinese, Indian Hindus, Buddhists, and Christians, at least 6 or 6.5 billion people are idol-worshipers who, according to the Torah, do not have the right to live. The death penalty applies not only to Jews, but even to Goyim “Livestock”, who bow down to an idol. And any Goyim ‘Livestock’ who believe in JC deserve the death penalty”.


“the satanic Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi calls for the genocide of over 6 billion Goyim “Livestock”:

“Although most assimilated Jews would find these charges extreme and outrageous, we cannot ignore the possibility that the Rothschild-WEF cartel subscribes to them.”.

First, Jew is not a race or sub race of the human race.
It is not even an ethnicity.
Jew means a member of the Babylonian Talmud inspired End of Times Pedophilia & Death Cult religion.

Today’s Jews are not descended or kin of the Judaian End of Times Death Cult Jews.
And the Jew Cult was not the religion of the Israelites during the times of King David and King Solomon.

They are red Russian Turkmen Mongolian Khazarian mongrels who’s ancestors CONVERTED to the Judaic End of Times Pedophilia Death Cult in the Steppes of modern day Russia and Ukraine in the year 0740 AD.

Not all Khazarians are Jews.
One of my best friends is Khazarian, and we together can cuss the Jews, Roman “christians” and Islamics with equal disdain and disgust.

They are all serving a false “god”.
Roman “Christianity” and Islam are off shoots of the Jew cult.

As for “Jesus” who’s real name was Yeshua, he never claimed to be God or a god.
He was a son of the gods incarnated as a human.
But you must realize the sons of the gods do not equate to a Son of the Creator God.
And the Creator god certainly is NOT Yahweh.

The six point star the Jews use as a symbol they took because it was on King David’s shield.

The six pointed “star” on king David’s shield was the sign of the Egyptian Sun God Ra.

It is the same symbol found on George Washington’s command flag and the six pointed stars he wore on his uniform, neither which represented the so called Jews six pointed “Star of David”.

These six pointed stars have been used throughout history by enlightened men to denote and as the symbol of the Sun God which to them represents the True Creator God of the universe.
This Sun God has had many different names used depending on time, culture and the society.

Jews are forbid to assimilate.
A Jew must always be loyal first and always to the cult.

Jew is the Zionist Zombie Virus.
Once the Zionist Zombie Virus infects a human, that human is no longer human, but only a soul-less virus host spreading evil, hate, death and destruction.

There is no know cure for a Zionist Zombie virus infected host but death.

The Ole Dog!

Source of Exerts:

Patrick O’Carroll – Cabalists Plot Goy Holocaust

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