Nobel Words on Paper, No Constitution or Contract, Can Overcome The The Evil In The Souls Of A People With No Honor

I used to blame the little children raping, bribe tanking, insider trading treasonous whores from DC for the 3ed world evil shit hole America has become.
But then I realized no matter who is blackmailing the political prostitutes with videos of raping underage children, taking brines and such, if the people of America did not want such gentuza in Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac, all the people had to do was stand up together and say this Micky Mouse craps stops now!

But the bottom feeding scum suckers in DC are EXACTLY what the evil immoral illegal unjust war loving very hypocritically religious but very evil pissing in the face of the Creator God bleating American sheep want running the US Corporation.

The American people have sexual orgasms when the US military slaughters God’s innocent little children in countries for their Rothschild masters.

Usury, war, theft, stealing other countries oil, murdering the heads of states of sovereign countries which never attacked America makes them giddy with pleasure.

Whether one uses the biblical Scripture of “Be not deceived for God is not mocked, for whatever a man south that shall he also reap”, karma, what goes around comes around, your birds always come home to roost, do unto others as you would have them do unto you, Americans have many generations of evil they have done against the innocent which must now come home to roost for the Americans sheeple.

No matter what constitution or ruling document Americans have, no mater the Nobel ideas and words printed on paper, a people without honor such as the American people make all those Nobel words and ideas meaningless.

Only a people with honor who love the truth and have compassion for others in their heart can sustain a just land, a just society, a free society.

Most Americans have no clue what the true meaning of freedom is.
It is just a phrase they regurgitate to make themselves feel better about the slavery and servitude they love.

Until the American people endure the horrors karma has in store for them, until they are humiliated, until they are crawling in the sewer with no hope, will they repent of their evil and then look to God for salvation from the evil they have brought upon themselves.

One can not receive forgiveness for one’s evil until one owns one’s own evil.
The American sheep are nowhere near ready to face the truth of all the innocent bloodshed and horrors they have cheered as US did evil to other people in other lands as well inside America itself to get on their knees, beg forgiveness and look inside at their own evil, then beg for God’s strength and help to clean their hearts of their lust for evil acts.

So it is nessasary the birds of karma must fly up the asses of the American sheeple in the coming time.

If Americans did not want to eat the bitter stew of what goes around comes around, they should not have become an evil people to begin with.

The first time some political whore did evil in their name they should have arrested the low life, given them a fair trial and a fair hanging.

Then it would not have come to this.

The Ole Dog!

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