The Illegally Militarily Occupied By the US CORPORATION For 158 Years and Counting, Republic of Texas Is Not A Party To ANY WHO, UN, WEF, NATO Treaties



is an illegal occupation Sub Corporation Administration of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION.

There has NEVER been an American Civil War.

Legal Axiom:

This simply means the US can not in a war crime, illegally invade another country or union, use terroristic war crimes against civilians which make ISIS look like pikers and choir boys to take possession of said country or union, install an occupation administration like the said “THE STATE OF TEXAS’, and EVER have that poison fruit of the poison tree ever become un-poison or a legal entity or “government”.

As the illegally occupied Republic of Texas has not been allowed to have it’s own government seated for 158 years and counting, the Occupied Republic of Texas is in no way a signature to or bound by any of the US Corporation’s treaties with any “world” organizations which were not even in existence the last time a legal government of the Occupied Militarily and Illegally, Republic of Texas was seated, the Occupied Texicans are in no way bound by any of the US Corporation’s “laws”, rules, treaties,. presidential edits or any other Micky Mouse Bull Shit the little children raping political whores in Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac can dream up.

As for my legal understanding:

When I graduated from high school and took my university entrance exam forty plus years back when Americans were a hell of a lot smarter than they are now, law and government were two of the areas I scored in the top 97% of the whole damn country in.

That yankee control freak spelling, yankee control freak English comp and mixing the alphabet with numbers knocked my scores down a tad.

I might mention of the 25 Insurers of the Magna Carta, the 17 which have living prodigy are all my great grandfathers, the English King who instituted the most legal and social reform in England is my great grandfather and the president of the united States Constitutional convention is my 2nd cousin.

Now whether you account for ability and knowledge in an individual to genetics or reincarnation, my pedigree in legal maters and knowledge is top shelf!

Soon the US Corporation or the US Empire if you will, will hit the wall.

Alaska will more than likely join Canada or become independent.

The occupied illegally militarily Polynesian kingdom of Hawaii will become independent again.

The Occupied Republic of Texas will again have her sovereignty and independence.

You think a lot of buses are shipping illegals to yankeeland now from Texas?

US citizenship is Citizen ship of the District of Columbia, not Republic of Texas Citizenship.

All illegal invaders with District of Columbia citizen ship stinking up the Republic of Texas, all illegal Kalifornia invaders, all yankee carpetbaggers and spawn thereof, will have to be bussed to Washington DC and dropped off in front of the big white Cat House in which the Monica full service Oval Office is located, in Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac.

Gonna take a hell of a lot of Gray Dog busses.

The Ole Dog!

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