Milley ‘We Must Prepare Ourselves For A Long War In Ukraine’

“Gen.” Milley just said that NATO

is preparing to settle in for a “long war” in Ukraine,

as the prospect for peace negotiations retreats further and further on the horizon.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of the US International for profit Corporation

Gen. Mark Milley

George Washington’s 1st cousin General George Patton was murdered by the US for trying to stop US/DC from helping Rothschild’s Communist Russia from taking all of Eastern Europe so the pre-planned Cold War could be implemented so Americans could die in the pre-planned Korean and Viet Nam wars Americans would not have died in if the US/DC had not murdered Patton for standing up for America against the Communist infiltrators in US/DC Corpopration

spoke with CNN about the state of the war and the Pentagon’s perspective. He warned that the make do war is set to endure for “a long time”.

“There’s well over 200,000 Russian troops in Russian-occupied Ukraine. This offensive, although significant, has operational and tactical objectives that are limited, in the sense that they do not — even if they are fully achieved — they don’t completely kick out all the Russians, which is the broader strategic objective that President Zelensky had,” the top US general said.

Yadda yadda yadda!!!!!!!

George Washington warned Americans to keep their noses out of other countries business, not to make defense treaties with other countries so as to not get pulled into wars which are detrimental to America/Americans.

I see the American sheep really paid attention.

The US/DC helped communist Russia gobble up all of Eastern Europe so millions of people could be made slaves to the Khazarian mongrels running Russia for two and a half generations, with who knows how many humans holocausted by the red Russians in the occupied countries which US/DC made sure the red Russian commies occupied.

When George Washington’s 1st cousin, Gen. Patton tried to stop the betrayal of America by the treasonous red Russian bastards running America’s newspapers, “government” and “banks, the US/DC murdered Patton.

Of course this was not the first kin of George Washington murdered by the US/DC.
US/DC murdered Lt. Col. John Washington grand nephew of George and the last Washington to own and live at Mount Vernon,

aid de Camp to Gen. Robert E Lee on 13 September 1861.

Just because Washington told the closet queer atheist marxist yankee puritan shyster rail road lawyer who was rabidly racist against blacks and who’s own family would not vote for because they knew him too well, that Washington was going to hang his ass on the front steps of the White House when he took DC, Lincoln

had him hunted down and shot three times through the back from concealment when no battle was ongoing, after which the yankee invading war criminals divided his possessions just as the Roman Centurions did Jesus’s cloths.

The last president who tried to stand up for America, US/DC/Israel shot from ambush.

After him each president has been a hand puppet giving blow jobs to the Rothschilds.

Most of them have been either queer, child rapers or both.
Watergate was about pedophilia list.

The Reagan/CIA PAPA BadBush White House had a scandal of underage child call boys being given midnight tours through the White House.
Papa BadBush was well know as a Serial Child rapist.

Bill Clinton never met a little girl or young women he did not want to rape, and often did.

BadBush Jr. is known to be Hoto and a former call boy was given press credentials so he could spend nights at the White House.

The Obomister is queer as a three dollar bill and his “wife has a bigger dick than him.

Trump was big butties with Mossad Jeffery the Child Rape Honeytrap operator for Israel, it is rumored his wife was one of jeffery’s girls, there are photos of her doing necked lesbian sexual acts in a low grade porn movie, there are photos of Trump getting his young daughter to give him lap rubs, the underage Jeffery girls Trump molested who have spoken out, say he said he chose them because he reminded them of his daughter.

Hands all over little girls Biden feels up little girls in front of their parents with the cameras rolling and his own daughter has said he molested her when she was young.


As for the US military, all or most of the troops are Killer Jabbed so there is no way thy can take the stress of battle without many falling dead, most all of US’s defensive weapons and ammo has been shipped to Ukraine’s make do war,

Warriors are born, not made.
furthermore the only things West Point now teaches is treason, chewing rope and taking up the ass from Commies and red Russians.

Betcha Milley’s ass is so wallowed out if one wanted some traction when hammering him up the bung hole, they would have to stick a ham up there and pull out the bone.

The Ole Dog!

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