Elon Musk is an Evil Zionist Zombie Which Hates Humanity

No one who had a soul and was not pure evil could not be this close to the putrid soul-less evil of the red Russian Turkmen Mongolian Khazarian mongrel terrorist Nitwityahoo

and not at LEAST bitch slap him.

When I was growing up, my father used to warn me to be careful who I associated with as when one rubbed elbows with degenerates, people of questionable character, their reputation as low lives, scum suckers and Botton feeders would rub off on you.

Musk dressed up as a minion of the Dark Side

“By their fruits ye shall know them”.

The sheep are so easily fooled.
Musk who has proved he is in with the baby raping zionist loving communist unelected one world dictatorship crowd takes over Twitter Litter

and says he did it so the truth can be told, and the sheep run to slurp down his shit as it spews from his pie hole ass.

I remind my wife when Yeshua who the little boy raping Roman ‘priest” renamed by the Spanish name Jesus when they cobbled together their manual for controlling slaves and conquered peoples, the Roman bible, called the people sheep, it WAS NOT a term of endearment.

If the sheep had loved and embraced the truth rather than the Big Lie, Yeshua would not have ended up with his ass spiked to a post.

The Ole Dog!

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