NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg has said that the conflict in Ukraine will not end until Russia “lays down its weapons”

Ya just can not make such belly bursting, rolling around on the floor laughing till you pee your pants shit up!

No, the fool really said that!

The “head” of NATO

said the conflict in Ukraine will not end until Russia “lays down its weapons”.

A while back a vet friend and I had a conversation in which I said Russia could have wrapped up Ukraine inside a week, while my friend figured one day.

Forget for a moment Ukraine is a make do war in which Putin is holding in the Russian military so it does not end right away because Putin is one of the Global cabal boys.

The Globalist scum bags NEED the Ukrainian “war” to continue.

I have no love lost for the Ruskies, but one must realize White Russians have not run Russia since 1917.

Red Russian Turkmen Mongolian Khazarian mongrel Jews have run Russia since 1917, Holocausting somewhere between 66 to 70 million humans in the process.

If the Putinister wanted the war to end today, it would, with Ukraninians laying down THEIR arms.

The average Ukrainian WANTS the war to end,
Ukraine is begging all the NATO countries where Ukrainian men have escaped to to keep from being kidnapped off the street, handed a weapon and sent to die by the little queer comedian the Rothschilds

installed as “president,

to forcibly return those men who do not want to fight Russia or die in the Ukrainian meat grinder military.

More and more articles are coming out of Ukrainian men trying to get the hell out of Ukraine before Rothschild’s little comedian fag has them kidnapped and slaughtered trying to fool the world that Ukraine actually has a chance of defeating Russia, the thought of which gives the knowledgeable in military matters and history a damn good roll around laugh.

The Ukrainian clown show now has a mentally ill pervert with a dick who wears dresses as their spokes tranny.

Russia has a real women as a spokes women.

In Russia men are still men, women are still women, and men know what women are for, and women know what men are for.

Here a few weeks ago some mentally ill male with a dick who wares dresses who is a UK PM, wanted to send rubbers and personal lubricants to the Ukrainian military.
What does IT know I don’t?

Despite the Putinister trying to make this make do war last as long as he can for his Rothschild Master

there has never been any question among folks who understand politics and military matters Russia will win.

This “war” reminds me of a big ole cat we had when I was a kid.
He was half house cat and half Lynx.
He had a long tail like a house cat, but other features of the Lynx, and he was big.
I have seen him chase down and catch rabbits and squirrels.

He would catch a mouse and play with it.
He would set it down, pretend to look away.
When the mouse made a break for it, he would pounce on it, then set it down and look away again.

Sometimes he would set it down and push it with his paw under a feed sack which grain came in.
He would walk off a couple of steps and look away.
When the mouse made a brake for it, he would pounce on the mouse.

He would do this again and again until the mouse gave up and would not play the game anymore.
When the mouse would not amuse him by playing the game any more, the cat would eat the mouse’s ass!

Let us see how long the Ukrainian mouse will amuse the Russian cat before the Russian cat eats the Ukrainian mouse’s ass.

The Ole Dog!

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