RFK Jr. Who is not the Sharpest Knife in the Drawer demands Secret Service protection after assassination scare

RFK Jr. is not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

When his father was killed, a mind controlled drone with a .22 caliber 8 shot revolver stood in front of him.
The man who says he can not remember the whole thing, emptied all 8 shots from his revolver and never hit RFK Sr.

The kill shot came from behind where the Secret Service agents were standing.
The kill shot was of a .38 caliber, the caliber carried by the secret service agents.

JFK was a MassAss yankee catholic.
He knew he had to have the Southern Protestant vote to get elected.
So he picked LBJ, a Texican who was more crooked than a barrel of staples for his vice presidential running mate.

JFK made Bobby his attorney general.

JFK and Bobby could not stand LBJ and the feeling was mutual.
To get rid of LBJ so JFK could have a different Vice President in his second term, Bobby sniffed out a murder LBJ had done back in Texas in his early career.

Bobby was going to bring LBJ up on murder charges to get rid of him as Vice President.

JFK was going to get rid of the Anti-American CIA,

Serial child rapist and former head of the CIA BadBush Sr.

bypass Rothschild’s Not federal, No reserves and Not a bank Usury scam and have the treasury print US’s own currency no interest would have to be paid on,

pull US troops out of Rothschild’s pre-planned Viet Nam war,

and keep Israel from getting the illegal Nukes they now have.

Then he went to Dallas.

No, LBJ was not running the Murder of JFK, but he knew it was coming and it saved his ass from being brought up on murder charges and made him president.

When RFK Sr. was running for president, the people who murdered his brother knew if elected, he would have a real investigation done, prove who really killed JFK, and go after them.
He simply had to die.


now wants secret service agents behind HIM!
As I said, RFK Jr. is not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

The Ole Dog!

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