I’m Crazy

Without a long detailed exclamation on several levels, I have always been years ahead of the sheep in my understanding of what is in the future.

When I was yet in high school I was warning anyone who would listen if the pedophiles in Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac did not stop their Usury borrowing and spewing the borrowed fiat currency to the four winds in attempts to keep themselves at the public hog trough, in the end DC would have to either default on the debt outright, which would destroy the middle class, or hyper inflate the fiat currency to the point they paid off with currency which was worth mere fractions in purchasing power of what they had borrowed, which would destroy the middle class.

The sheep bleated I was crazy because the political whores in DC told them the Fiat Usury Debt road goes on forever, and the “free” shit party never ends.

Well, forty something years later, look around you.
And you have not seen the real shit storm yet!
Sex for sale is going to be on every street corner and dirt cheap.
Supply and demand fixes the price of a product.

And there is going to be so much young good looking ass for sale, the old, the ugly and the fat may as well not try to sale their asses.

A brother told me a while back, my wife was having a conversation with him and his wife where she admitted something to them she will never admit to me.
She told them she used to think I was crazy because of all I said was going to happen.

The problem was she said, what I said was going to happen years ago, is happening.

The brother from talks with me started studying early American history, but mainly from WW 1, WW 2 and forward.
He admitted to me he used to think I was very radical.
But the more real history of what US/DC has done to betray the American people, how thousands of US GI’s have been sacrificed to further the plans of scheming political whores, the betrayal of Americans by those Americans vote for who take oaths to protect and defend, the less radical I have become.

This is my 4th life as an American.
My first life as an American I fought and and sacrificed to try to build a good place for Americans to live and work.

Many cussed me and tried to kill me.

My second life I stood up against the evil Washington DC had become, and US/DC murdered my body.

My third life I fought one expedition and two wars trying to shore up America, but as I stood up against the betrayal of America by the communistic ass holes who were taking over US/DC, they murdered my body again.

This life, even while in grade school, the reacquiring thought kept coming back again and again, “I just want to be the average American”.
When I was offered West Point on a silver platter, I never responded.
When my 3ed cousin was running Washington, I stayed as far from the evil of DC as I could.

It is with great satisfaction and pride I can state in this life, I have never set foot, and refuse to set foot in Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac.

Had I gone to DC, and these child raping ass holes running things had tried to shake my hand, I would have snapped their necks, told God they had slipped and fell so as to brake their necks, and God would have pretended to believe me.

Even this life, without stepping in to the cess pool, I tried to warn, tried to prop up, tried to save America from what is coming.

But remember I am always years ahead of the sheep.
When I came to understand, things had gone too far, there was no stopping the train wreck of US/DC which was coming, I stopped trying to save that which can not be saved, stopped trying to stop that which can not be stopped.

US/DC and the American sheep have become too evil, pissed in the face of the Creator God too much and too long.
They will never humble themselves to God until the survivors of what is coming have been dragged through humiliation, sorrow, loss of loved ones, see all their worldly wealth they have lied, schemed, screwed others to get, goes poof and disappears like a puff of smoke from a dilapidated oil burning car taking off from a red light.

The coming train wreck of American society can not be, and should not be stopped.
All the sheep getting angry at the truth tellers for warning them, all the evil loving sheep refusing to see the butcher knife being placed below their necks, will not and can not stop what is coming.

It is only a matter of time, and the time till, grows short.

When I have warned of what is coming the sheep do not want to believe can or will happen, they decide I am crazy.

Years later when it happens, they forget I warned them it was coming, but they seem to be able to remember they decided I was crazy.

‘The Fires Burned High And Long Into The Night The Day The Eternal Empire Died’

The crowds called for his head for daring to question the rightness of their culture of war and theft-
For his saying the Empire would die unless, that repentance was their only hope left-

As the mongrel hordes he warned of, battered down the gates of the hallowed home-
Of the evil which dared to temp the gods by surpassing even the evil of Rome-

The fires burned high and long into the night, the day the Eternal Empire died-
The cries of the recently widowed, raped besides the body of their beloved did not subside-

For many a day and night until the sacked Cities were left to the rats and vulture-
The decaying dead were carrion, no living thing left cared about their self pride in their forgotten culture-

The Ole Dog!

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