Walter at Pearl Harbor

Americans are indoctrinated from birth with the “greatness” of America at war.
School children in government indoctrination centers called “public schools” are indoctrinated with the myth that Americans are a “chosen people”, that somehow the US has the “right” to stick it’s nose into other sovereign countries business, and if those other countries object, God gave the US the right to kill the hell out of that counties people for daring to question the US’s “right” to rule the world.

With the advent of motion pictures, or movies, Holly Whore became a primary tool in selling war to the people of America.
Movies have been made glorifying every war USA and the US have done.

No the American Revolutionaries Volunteer Union and the current Corporation the UNITED STATES are not the same government or nation.

When Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac wants another war, or is getting ready to bomb another 3ed world nation back to the stone age, movies glorifying America’s wars will be run for days or weeks, almost non stop on TV.

Dizzy Dean the early American Base Ball star was telling how good he was in the game once and someone told him he was bragging.
He replied, “It’s not bragging if you can do it!”.

When I graduated from high school some forty plus years back when Americans were a hell of a lot smarter than now, I scored in the top 97% of the whole country on my university entrance exam in military matters, real economic, law, government and history.
The control freak yankee spelling, yankee control freak English Composition and mixing the alphabet with numbers knocked my overall score down a tad.

I was offered West Point on a platter, but did not bite.
went out into the real world, worked at a few different jobs, got married, got divorced and then headed to university to study theology.
When I enrolled they gave me credit for both US hitory classes without taking them.

“It’s not bragging if you can do it!”.

I have an extensive library and have never stopped going down rabbit holes of history.
So it is with the scores, the credentials to back up my words, I can definitively state there are only two wars in American history which can be justified.

First the American Revolution.
Because Americans had a right to try to govern themselves.
They have done a very poor job of doing so, but they had the right to try.

The only other war justified, is the Confederates trying to stop the US invading terrorist from gang raping their children, pregnant women and minister’s daughters, often to death, black and white, stealing everything, shelling or burning whole cities filled with civilians, burning grandpas and grandmas to death in their own homes, digging up the dead to rob, purposely destroying food crops and slaughtering livestock to purposely starve tens of thousands of children to death.

It was NOT a civil war, it was the war crime invasion of a foreign to the US, sovereign countries and their American Confederation.

All other US wars have been started by political whores using false flags, half truth, deception and outright lies.

FDR who was a communist, called the Mass Murderer Stalin (66 Million Humans Holocausted) “Uncle Joe”, had to promise the American people who wanted nothing to do with WW2,

he would keep them out of the Rothschild’s pre-planned European Usury Banker’s war of WW2 to get reelected for a 3ed term.

He always planned on dragging America into the war, first tried to get the Germans to sink a US navy ship by illegally for a nation claiming neutrality, sending war materials to Britain to kill Germans with, and illegally for a nation claiming neutrality, using US navy ships to escort the British ships filled with illegal war material.

When the Germans refused to sink a US Navy ship to give FDR an excuse to start a war with them, he turned to using economic sanctions against the Japanese to get them to attack, NOT America, but the US Corporation’s military which was in a war crime illegally occupying the Polynesian kingdom of Hawaii.

He gave orders which moved the fleet from California where they were completely safe from Japanese attack to Pearl, gave orders which set them and the Army Air Force up as targets to lure in the Japanese, tied the hands of the army general and Navy admiral so the body count would be as high as it could be to get the Americans in a mood to go to a war they did not want.

Instead of declaring war on Japan and Germany, FDR and his cabal should have been arrested, tried for treason and mass murder, and hanged so they shit their pants when their necks snapped.

‘A Dead Statesman’

“I could not dig; I dared not rob
Therefore I lied to please the mob
Now all my lies are proved untrue
And I must face the men I slew
What tale shall serve me here among
Mine angry and defrauded young?”.

Rudyard Kipling

Those in the US “government” still alive who helped Israel do the false flag of 9-11 as an excuse to do the last twenty plus unjustified war of terror against counties which never attacked America, just as Japan did not attack America, remember America and the US corporation are two very different things

should be arrested, tried for treason and mass murder and hanged so they shit their unmentionables as their necks snap.

The Ole Dog!

‘Walter at Pearl Harbor’

My father Walter “was at Pearl Harbor.” Almost everyone in Youngstown, Ohio, back in 1941 soon knew about that. He had been a football star at Struthers High before turning down more than a half-dozen scholarships to Big Ten powerhouses. Instead, he enlisted in the Navy and forwarded the better part of his pay to support his father, mother, and five younger siblings, struggling through the Depression.

By the time he retired from his twenty-year enlistment in the US Navy, he and my mother Jane had decided to move our family from his last posting at Quonset Point naval station in Rhode Island to the idyllic mountains in Vermont. To build their dream house and live life more fully as civilians.

In 1959 during a family outing to Vermont to scout for potential house sites in the southeastern corner of the state, we had lunch at what we learned later on was the iconic Quality Inn in Manchester.

On the way out to pay for the meal, I tagged along as Walter stopped at the marble-topped soda fountain counter and chatted with the middle-aged waiter at the cash register. Walter eyed the waiter, gazed at a large painting prominently displayed behind the counter and then suggested that the fellow looked like a dead-ringer for the young soda jerk in that very painting. The waiter smiled and admitted that indeed, he was that young fella’. In fact, that Mister Norman Rockwell, the painter down in Arlington, had asked him to pose from behind the counter, recreating the time he had been listening to the radio on that fateful day, December 7th, 1941.

Walter just nodded in recognition, “I was there that morning.”

Although I had come to know some bits and pieces of Walter’s service in World War II, Walter had never mentioned Pearl Harbor. I was 12 years and found myself in shock. It would be another 35 years before Walter would refer again to that Day of Infamy.

And it would be another 64 years before I managed to identify that painting as Norman Rockwell’s ‘War News’ and begin to unravel its own mysterious role in the efforts to sell war through the dual strategies of myth-making — censorship and propaganda.

Walter, like so many of his WW II comrades, had never really talked about his war experiences while I was growing up. Like so many veterans who have survived wars’ multiple forms of evil, he lived in a prison of secret torment. Only Walter’s family and painfully few close friends acknowledged privately that my dad, the man who returned from the War, was not the same person they had known growing up. From the scattering of comments over the years, I gathered that consensus had it that Walter left Struthers, Ohio in 1939 at the top of his game. Fun? Walter was the life of the party. Telling stories, center of attention, just being himself. It didn’t hurt that your dad was — whoaa — handsome! Better looking than that Paul Newman, more like a cleaner, sharper version of Marlon Brando. Athletic? Unbelievably gifted and tough. A shifty halfback on offense, a hard-hitting safety. He went both ways, back when football was the real deal. He collected scholarship offers, all Big Ten schools.

And he had money. He owned a truck for delivering coal. That was during the Depression, mine you. Without him, we don’t know how his family got by. His dad only worked now and then. Six children. Your Aunt Micky told me once that if not for Walter, she and her sisters would never have had money for even one new dress. Walter chose the Navy over college because he could send most of his pay home. Steady, one month at a time. And the Navy boasted a couple of dozen football teams that were all tougher than those college kids’ squads. Men against boys, he’d laugh.

After putting in his twenty years, Walter retired from the USN and atrophied into the anonymity of civilian life, first in Vermont and following my mother’s passing, later on in Meadville, Pennsylvania. I watched Walter’s limited, uneven interactions with ‘civilians’, he would often respond with annoyance to everyday interactions with politely preoccupied neighbors, busy sales clerks or officious town employees; he would excuse himself and quietly grouse about why his generation had made its sacrifices.

Decades later during my conversations with Walter about current events, he would clench his jaw between short outbursts. More often than not dismissing the War in Vietnam as evidence of “the stupidity and arrogance of armchair generals.” When the gruesome fireworks of sophisticated US military might illuminated the television version of Persian Gulf War, Walter shook in head in pity for the Iraqi soldiers. “That’s not a real war. It’s a fake. A turkey shoot. The poor bastards don’t stand a chance. We’re there just to get at their oil.”


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