Al-Qaeda Magazine Released On 9/11 Anniversary Threatens Future Attack On U.S. More Devastating Than Israel’s and US’s Attack on America on 9/11 SOURCE OF FEAR PORN TRYING TO DEVERT ATTENTION OF ISRAEL’S TERRORISM AWAY FROM ISRAEL TO “RADICAL MUSLIMS”:

Illegal Invasion Facilitated by the Occupation Cabal in Austin of the Illegally Militarily Occupied For 158 Years and Counting, Republic of Texas

Any Questions? The Ole Texican Dog! Tucker Carlson calls out Greg Abbott: "How many Texans are on board with letting 7 million illegals cross into Texas. Has the governor of Texas done anything to stop it? NO! You don't think they could stop that in a week? Assemble along the border!" — Citizen Free Press […]

Walter at Pearl Harbor

Americans are indoctrinated from birth with the “greatness” of America at war. School children in government indoctrination centers called “public schools” are indoctrinated with the myth that Americans are a “chosen people”, that somehow the US has the “right” to stick it’s nose into other sovereign countries business, and if those other countries object, God […]