Syria demands US pay for STOLEN oil

If you are an America who believes it is justified, righteous, legal for the US Corporation to in a war crime, invade Syria, a country which has never attacked America, Holocaust Syrian government troops and innocent Syrian civilians, illegally occupy Syria and thieve Syria’s oil, using as an excuse the US violated all international law […]

If Now, Why Not Then.

The laser or energy weapon fires in Hawaii, government cutting off water supply to homes so they could not fight the fires, sending kids home so they would burn to death, cops blocking roads so people could not get away from the fires, metals melting from 300 degree grass fires when aluminum does not melt […]

Mossad chief Speaks of Peace

Israel’s Mossad Director David Barnea on Sunday expressed alarm over the potential for Russia to give advanced weapons to Iran. If this happens, these advanced weapons “will certainly endanger our peace, and maybe even our existence here, The red Russian Mongolian Khazarian Mongrels should get the hell back to Russia and Ukraine from Which they […]