Trump controlled by KGB/Mossad

A family saying passed on to me by my father:

I not only understand reincarnation, I can trace many of my former lives, way back in history even.
I can also identify some past lives of certain actors in this life.

This is one of the fastest turn arounds I am aware of.
But then he did not try to atone for any of his former lives crimes, he did not learn from his screw ups, he just wanted back in the spot light with power over others.

The reason I am a truth teller this life is not by choice.
This life I just wanted to hide in the sheep herd and be the “average” American.
I have lost faith in the American people, the US has murdered me my last two lives for standing up for the American sheep, and they have voted for and loved those who murdered me.

But when you are me, you don’t get to hide in the herd.
After God (not the Bible thumpers imaginary man like creature with ESP and a magic wand) got through repeatedly bitch slapping me onto my ass, I agreed to do my duty unconditionally.
Being a truth teller is not a rewarding institution.
It got Yeshua’s ass spiked to a tree trunk.

Truth tellers were burned at the stake by the Roman slave religion cult of Rome.

I understand the evil upon the face of the earth now has to be here.
This is a time for souls to be tested.
Passing or failing the test is an individual task, not a group effort.

If this article makes you pissed, makes you empty your colon into your fruit of the looms, so be it.

There is a law of the universe.
In order for a soul to be held accountable on the other side for what they did or did not do in their past live, they must be warned.
They don’t have to listen to the truth.
They don’t have to believe the truth.
They can murder or help the jackals murder the truth tellers as the sheep have done so many times.

When standing on the other side facing the record of one’s life, no one warned me is not an excuse which is believed or allowed by the beings of Light.

There are thousands of truth tellers screaming the truth to the four winds.
The sheep often call them “conspiracy nut cases”, “tin foil hatters”, “insane”.

Trump is the Khazarian Mafia’s bitch and has been from the time he was being hammered up his bung hole by a known homosexual pedophile Khazarian Mafia member.

You were Warned.

The Ole Dog!

‘Trump controlled by KGB/Mossad’

Part 1;

Any inquisitive person should be asking oneself why a seemingly anti-establishment candidate like Donald Trump has been allowed to get as far as he has in the U.S. presidential race for election November 8.

The simplest answer is that he isn’t anti-establishment and is only fronting a very convincing facade for public consumption.

The family-made rich man has been strategically propped up as the all-accommodating GOP extremist opponent of candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton, herself part of the very same establishment and even personal friend to Trump—at least prior to the race.

The two candidates come from the same organized criminal syndicate that leads back to Israel and Russia, their murderous KGB-Mossad terrorist organization, and the Lansky international crime syndicate. Furthermore, as we shall see, Trump is nothing more than a puppet of the KGB-Mossad and is likely under their control through opportunism and, darker yet, blackmail. What Trump and his cronies all share in common is sexual compromise and their loyalty to the international Judeo-masonic power structure.

Sexual blackmail and Illuminism.

Perhaps the most powerful form of blackmail is that which involves sexual matters, and so it is that throughout human history, many men of power have been brought down upon revelation of some sexual scandal. It was through this channel that Adam Weishaupt’s illuminism (blackmail) was so successful in his time through to today (Weishaupt stole the Catholic sacrament of confession and used it for his own personal gain—so that he could gain knowledge of people’s sins in order to use it against them). Since then, it has proven to be the most useful form of blackmail employed, especially in the political world. Every person in a position of power should be suspected of being controlled through this form of blackmail, since the Judeo-masonic cryptocracy controls virtually every aspect of organized government, the press, and the financial system, to name a few. You may have heard of the bizarre sexual initiation of Yale University’s Skull and Bones secret society, where the would-be bonesman reveals his sexual secrets to his fellow initiates and initiators.[i] From the very start of their societal ascent, you could say, a bonesman is blackmailed and falls under control of the society.

Former Israeli Mossad case officer Victor Ostrovsky revealed in his first tell-all book about the Mossad:

“… there are three major “hooks” for recruiting people: money; emotion, be it revenge or ideology; and sex.”[ii]

This scenario is played out in virtually every sphere of influence at one degree (pun intended) or another. As it happens, both presidential candidates are connected to sexual scandals, the likes of which we shall explore in Trump’s life.

Mossad’s child-sex ring procurers Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein.


Trump controlled by KGB/Mossad


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