Attention Fellow Connoisseurs of History -The WAR OF THE REBELLION – A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies

A fellow Connoisseurs of History a few days back showed me a book someone gave him.
It had a 1890 date.
It was a volume printed by the yankee US government with gathered correspondence during the late illegal invasion of the Confederacy.

I have many old out of print books as well as limited reprints of historical volumes in my liberty.
I will be reading some book, it will reference an older volume of significance.
Doing research I will go looking for a copy.
I have been very successful and have some very rare books in my collection.

When I researched this one, I found out there were 128 volumes printed between 1880 and 1910.
I found them all on a two CD set.
I preferre printed books but in this case trying to gather 128 out of print books would be a major undertaking at a high cost.

I throw this out there for folks interested in what the US terrorist invaders were saying during the late war of yankee gang rapes of little children and pregnant women, black and white, industrial sized theft and arson, mass murder and other assorted touristic acts against non combatant women, children and old men.

‘Union Terror: Debunking the False Justifications for Union Terror Against Southern Civilians in the American Civil War’

Union Terror: Debunking the False Justifications for Union Terror Against Southern Civilians in the American Civil War

‘War Crimes Against Southern Civilians’

War Crimes Against Southern Civilians

‘American Terrorists: Lincoln’s Armies in the South’

American Terrorists: Lincoln’s Armies in the South

As well as the Communications of the Southern Defenders Of Freedom from yankee Marxism.

When I graduated high school and took my university entrance exam, history was one of the subjects I scored in the top 97% of all of the country in.
yankee control freak spelling, yankee English composition and mixing the alphabet with math knocked my scores down a tad.

For years I called myself a “historian”.
But after reading “biography’s” about many of my ancestors and kin written by “historians” which I knew were full of bullshit, either because the ‘historian” was a sheep who did not understand the mind of a true warrior or was intentionally doing a hit piece, I now call myself a Connoisseur of History.

I prefer to read a man’s own historical words rather than some “historians” revisionism bull shit synopsis of what he or she says a historical figure said or did.

For those who love history, especially those interested in Lincoln’s destruction of the American Revolutionaries Volunteer Union and the birth of American Marxism, (communism in today’s English),

1938 red Russian Commie USA presidential Convention, where Lincoln was recognized as the Father of American Communism.

this is a good research source at a very low price.

So if you want to read of the yankee war crimes in their own words, here is a terrific source.


Truth shines bright the light in the corners of dark,
Causing the vermin to run, slither and embark,

Caterwauling and screeching in turn,
Oh how the truth of the Light does Burn!

The Ole Dog!

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