Legs Straight Up In The Air Kamala Harris ‘Ready To Take Over’ As President If Hands All Over Little Girls Biden Can’t Do Job

Legs Straight Up In The Air Vice President Kamala Harris who f##ked her way to the top of the Political Cat House is ready to serve as POTUS, should Hands All Over Little Girls Joe Biden is unable to effectively govern. Damn!!! I Betcha cousin George and his Winter Soldiers are just SO PROUD of […]

[THE SCAMDEMIC WAS REAL BULLSHIT ARTICLE] Just when we thought we could forget about COVID-19, the virus [WHICH HAS NEVER BEEN SCIENTIFICALLY PROVED TO EXIST] appears to be surging again.

https://www.dossier.today/p/how-the-flu-disappeared-during-the The referenced article is just one of legion I see every day desperately trying to convince the sheep the Scamdemic was real and the mythical “SARS-COV-02” “virus” really exist. Here’s how controlled opposition taker of the 30 shekels to betray humanity wordsmiths operate. Take the referenced article, it states in it’s headline: ‘Just Say […]