A New SideWalk Dance Emerges, The Kalifornia Shoplifting Shuffle

MUST WATCH: Jewelry store owners give a would-be robber a surprise beat down in El Monte, California. Small business owners are fighting back amid the Democrat fueled retail crime spree. pic.twitter.com/ITvotkxIAc — Charlie Kirk (@charliekirk11) September 3, 2023 In Arizona a new dance is emerging called the Pistol Packing (Stealing) Felon Street Scuffle. Bystanders stop […]

Tutsie Gabby, THE WORLD FORUM Bimbo Who Never Met A Child From A Foreign Land She Did Not Vote To Fund US Military To Blow To Bits: ‘Associated Propaganda,’ is ‘completely aligned’ with the Democrat elite

Tutsie Gabby, who never met a kid from a country which did not do exactly as ordered by Uncle sugar which she did not vote to fund the US Military to blow to bits, says the MSM (AP) which promotes her as an insider outsider to try to further her hanging on the public teat […]

Nitwityahoo Calls For Expulsion Of Illegal Invaders From Occupied Palestine

IsraHell Prime Minister Benjaming Nitwityahoo has convened a special meeting of his Khazarian terrorist cabinet to examine ways to immediately expel invaders who were involved in violence. Several of Netanyahu’s red Russian Turkmen Mongolian Khazarian mongrel Terrorist ministers issued statements decrying violence. “Israel is a country of law”. NITWITYAHOO’S GOT THEM SYRIAN & PALESTINIAN HOLOCAUSTING […]