Zionist Zombie Pig S#it Headline-Trump Was Right: Sweden Finally Cracks Down On Illegals With Mandatory Reporting

Ok! Let us investigate who was really right, Sweden or the Trickster Trumpster IsraHell’s Bitch? The Ratschild’s have used the very evil Khazarian Jew cult members to start wars and make war on humanity. Now that more and more humans are becoming aware they are not descended from biblical Israelites and Judeans, but are a […]

Released Documents Show Nixon’s Intel Briefings Related to US-Backed Chilean Coup

“What followed [the coup] was a vicious, decades-long reign of terror and repression during which tens of thousands of Chileans were killed, tortured, or disappeared by the Pinochet regime, which continued to receive support from the CIA,” as Common Dreams’ Jake Johnson has written.” Few Americans understand the history of the Anti-American CIA. The CIA […]