Texas and Louisiana Lack Right To Challenge Biden Immigration Policy, USA’s Corporation’s High Court Rules

This ruling is correct. But first some history. When the original Constitution, The Articles of Confederation was shit canned in favor of the replacement constitution ratified on May 29, 1790, there was no provision for a “supreme court” in the document as the “elites” pushing the new constitution knew if a provision for a federal […]

Real Texicans Don’t Owe The Usury Bankers Jack S#it Because Of ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ Debt, Which Is A SubCororation of the USA/DC Corporation

“The ten states with the most debt in the US are California, New York, Texas, Illinois, Florida, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Ohio, New Jersey, and Washington. California ranks first for states with the most debt, with a debt of $520 billion, followed by New York in second place with $368 billion. Texas comes in third place for […]

Declassified files expose British role in NATO’s Gladio terror armies

Newly declassified British files shed disturbing light on the origins and internal workings of Operation Gladio, a covert NATO plot deploying fascist terror militias across Italy. Have spies in London applied these lessons in Ukraine? Newly declassified British Foreign Office files have added disturbing details to the history of Operation Gladio. The covert operation was […]