More Falsehoods of World War II

There is some good information in this article. First though the writer is not the first to discover the falsehoods of WW2. English author David Irving discovered the truth and told it in his many books on WW2. The establishment turned on him, ruined him financially to where he is now soliciting funds to pre-pay […]

Testimony of Lies: Mass Holocauster of Children CDC Director Rochelle Walensky Perjured Herself Twice Before Congress

“That woman murdered babies, and she knew it. And five days after we posted [Pfizer] Report 69, she announced her resignation. So that’s what Congress should be asking her about.” “Dr. Walensky seemed less cool in this appearance for Congress. This is the least composed and the most nervous, I feel, like I’ve seen this […]

JUNETEENTH Federal Holiday SHOULD BE DECEMBERTEENTH-13th Amendment WHICH FREED BLACK SLAVES IN yankeeland ratified On December 6, 1865

Of course slavery never ended in America under the USA Occupying For Profit Corporation. The late war of Criminal Terrorist Invasion, gang rapes to death of little children, pregnant women and minister’s daughters, was for political and economic rape of the Confederacy by the USA and was not a “Civil War. It was not fought […]