A Truth Teller Who Has Suffered Much For Telling The Truth Could Use Some Help

I was not asked to pass this along but do so because the man needs financial assistance to get another truth telling book published.

He was the darling of the British press, an acclaimed author who was doing great financially.

Then he started finding the truth of who started WW1 & WW2, the massive lies of “history” to cover for the guilty and to blame the innocent.

He started publishing books exposing the lies and telling the truth.

The press/academia/”government” turned on him and persecuted him till he had nothing left but his truth which he is still trying to tell.

To buy his books now one has to go directly to him.


If you can help him out, truth no matter how unpopular with the masses, is always the just and righteous cause.

The Ole Dog!

“London, UK, Monday, 12 June 2023

Dear John,

Those who have dealt with me before, know that I usually send out an encouraging letter in December, telling everybody what book I am working on right now, what’s new, and what our governments are doing to inform us in detail of what they have been doing in past years.
This is not my regular news-report, which will follow as usual in December. Thank you for your patience.

Volume III of Churchill’s War is complete; it ran into formidable problems a year ago, which I – being a poor workman, as my late Mother would have said – initially blamed on my tools. Entire sections of the book went suddenly and permanently, missing, revealing for instance that Britain had no idea where Adolf Hitler’s East Prussian headquarters actually was and so couldn’t assassinate him – he was too popular anyway – a misfortune for which I blamed malicious hacking or software problems; those sections have had to be rewritten.

A deeper problem is more sinister – I have now finally realised that the British publishing industry has fallen gradually into “enemy” hands like our music industry. Alan Samson, who is very-English, one of my publishing editors, told me himself, ten years ago, cryptically, when I asked why that was, “to look at Weidenfeld’s masthead”. Which I did, without success. “But better informed,” as F E Smith, a barrister, explained to Mr Justice Darling who had listened endlessly to him but politely said that he was “none the wiser”.

Which brings me to why I write: I have a very fine English printer, who produced my highly-praised True Himmler and will also produce True Himmler, 2, which too is written. But he will need need cash in advance, so I have to pass my hat around; I will donate my late Father’s book, Royal Navalese, to thank you for assisting. And for a short time you will also be entitled to buy one or more copies of the Churchill book at the preferential pre-publication price,


which offer to others has now been withdrawn.

With best wishes,
Yours sincerely,

David Irving
There’s no need to acknowledge this letter, but if you do send something please make sure to tell me your address, so I can send you a complimentary copy of Royal Navalese; you will find that my late father, a Royal Navy commander, really knew how to write.
cash will also be received at David Irving’s account at Bank of America, Flagler Avenue, Key West, FL33040, USA (account #4880 4792 8301 , bank routing-number: 063000047 . Name of account: David J Irving); or to David Irving, at Barclays Bank, 19a Union Street, Inverness, IV1 1QA, Scotland UK, account: 7300 7308; sort code: 20-00-77; Iban: GB69 BARC 2000 7773 0073 08; Swift: BARCGB22; or mail a check or cash to David Irving, Focal Point Publications, PO Box 4346, U.S. Post Office, St Augustine, FL 32085, USA.”

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