Times Have Changed

In the 19th Century, an American President killed a man in a duel because the big mouthed ass hole insulted Andrew Jackson’s female wife by insinuating she was still married to another man. In the 21st Century an American president IS married to another man.

Perversion, Pedophilia & Trannyism-Grooming? California Teacher Suspended After Teaching Children How to Have Anal Sex

A Placentia-Yorba Linda School District teacher was placed on leave last month after a video was posted online of her explaining how to sexually stimulate the prostate gland to a high school class. El Dorado High School anatomy and environmental science teacher Judy Rehburg is seen in the video telling students how the male prostate […]

Killer Jab Euthanasia “vaccines” For A Non Exist “virus” Associated with Increased Risk of Blindness

The broad range of reported side effects of the COVID jab is astounding. Effects involve just about every part, organ and system of the body, including a range of eye problems. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s data mining of the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) reveals reports ranging from eye discomfort, […]

Are The Minions “Trying To Save” the Constitution Just Too stupid To Pour Rancid Horse Piss Out Of A Texican Cowboy Boot With The Directions to Do So Printed On The Bottom of the Heel, Or On The Ratschild’s 30 Shekel Payroll?

I saw a headline this morning. “The Emergency State’s Plot to Override the Constitution” First off, what damned “state”? USA/DC is a for profit corporation incorporated under British Empire Law and owned by the Rothschilds. And how the hell does one “save” that which has been dead for 162 years? “The Constitution” is not a […]