A Jew is a Soul-less Zionist Zombie Virus End Of Times Pedophilia Death Cult Member

There are only three possibilities allowed by the Jew Cult.

Humans will have them face down on the ground with your foot on their neck.
The Jew will have their dick up your ass.
You will eradicate the cult.

The Jew will allow no other options to humanity.

In other ancient times the name of the cult evil has been different, and the name of their “god” has been different.
But it is the same old evil.

There must be evil in this world or good means nothing.
God gives free will to a soul.
But sometimes the balance between good and evil gets out of whack.
Then the ratio must be readjusted.
The “devil” don’t make anyone do anything.
The evil the sheep do is because that evil is what they want to do.

Always convenient to have an imaginary enemy to blame one’s own greed, lust and love of evil on.

One can have pity for what the Jew cult members have become ravaged by the Zionist Zombie virus, just as one has pity for what the rabid skunk has become.

An enemy of all other living things.
A soul-less virus host.
But that pity can not translate to misplaced mercy.
To allow the rabid skunk to continue to live is to allow the virus of death to continue to spread to other innocent lifeforms.

The mercy is in putting the rabid skunk out of it’s misery.

The Ole Dog!

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