US military veterans Who Israel Firster Washington DC Political Whores Sent To Illegally Invade Arab Countries & Terrorize Innocent Women & Children Because Israel & USA Attacked America on 9-11 are most prone to terrorism

Well, the Terrorist in Washington DC taught the US military members to do terrorism. When the kids join, they have been indoctrinated with lies like Arabs did 9-11 to go Holocaust Arabs. Those who figure out they have been lied to and are killing the wrong people who never attacked America like Pat Tillman did, […]

America’s greatest ally

I post this because it has good information. This does not mean I agree with all his views on all things. As far as descendants of African Americans kidnaped by Jews and sold into slavery in America They are Americans, they are worlds and generations away from Africa. We all have to learn to live […]


America has been controlled by the Khazarian Mafia from at least mid-late 20th century. Woodrow Wilson was installed by the Rothschilds & minions as president in 1913. He then authorized the Rothschild’s Usury Scam, the NOT federal, NO reserve(s) and NOT a bank to steal America’s wealth. then he conspired with Winston Churchill who was […]