11 Sept. 2001, F-16s Tootled Along at Half Throttle to “Intercept” 3 Highjacked Airliners-Sonic Boom Over DC As NORAD Scrambles F-16s To Intercept “Unresponsive” Private Jet That Crashed

I smell Zionist Zombie s#it.

During the 9-11 False Flag holocaust of 3,000 Americans in New York,

“PULL” is a controlled demolition term for setting off the explosives to bring a building down in controlled demolition.
Takes months of planning and weeks of work to plant explosives and wire a building for controlled demolition

Diagonal controlled demolition shape charge cut in huge steel beam at World Trade Center

Khazarian Terrorist assuring the red Russian Khazarians illegally occupying Palestine Americans were not going to blow the hell out of Tel Aviv in retribution for 9-11

F-16s very close to DC were not scrambled, but F-16s from far away were sent at half throttle to “intercept” three hijacked airliners.

But for one tiny private jet:

“NORAD’s fighter jets “were authorized to travel at supersonic speeds and a sonic boom may have been heard by residents of the region,” according to the statement. Residents across the region were startled by the loud noises.”

“-“During this event, the NORAD aircraft also used flares — which may have been visible to the public — in an attempt to draw attention from the pilot,” NORAD said.

“The pilot was unresponsive and the Cessna subsequently crashed near the George Washington National Forest, Virginia,” it added.-”

This also makes no sense.
“used flares”?

If I was a f-16 jockey trying to get the attention of a pilot in a small plane, I would buzz his ass, fly in front of him, not drop flares.

My view of US “journalism” is like unto ‘THE LITTLE BOY WHO CRIED WOLF’.

When someone has lied their asses off for generations about everything, if they happen to slip up and tell the truth, no one is going to believe them anyway.

I have no inside scoop to what went down here, but what is being peddled to Americans smells like USA GRADE A Zionist Zombie S#it to me.

The Ole Dog!

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