Patton was right about everything.
Those who called him crazy were wrong about everything.
History has proved him right, and his distractors wrong.

Patton’s and my ancestor Edward the 1st kicked the Khazarian Jews out of England in the year 1290 AD, and England prospered until the clinically insane self-righteous Father of the “puritan yankees

Oliver Cromwell took bribes from the Jews to fund his Holocaust wars against everyone to allow the Jew back into England.
It was downhill for the English from there.

Patton’s and my cousin George Washington thought about kicking the Jews out of America, but the Jews promised him they would be loyal to America and behave themselves.

You can see how that worked out.

The Turkmen Mongolian Khazarian mongrels have proved time and again their only loyalty is to the End of Times pedophile’s Death cult.

The Ole Dog!


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