No Worries No Virus

“SARS-COV-02” don’t exist.
Never did.
The jabs were to cull the herd.

Personally spending a hell of a lot more time with the lap top shut and getting things done around the place.

Those who will see, mostly already see.
Just a matter of waiting for the killer jabbed to die off so the “authority” and “government” lover sheep are not standing between humans and justice for the evil f##ks.

The “devil” is not interested in human souls and the evil old souls fear the “Beast” because he works for God and will have no mercy on their asses.

Keep the faith, stay the course, this time of evil will pass.

The Ole Dog!

The book No Worries No Virus is a structured summary of my research on the Covid-19 situation, and of the agenda behind the Covid hoax. The book was first published in 2021 under the title Transcending the Covid-19 Deception. In this book I look ‘behind the curtain’ at the corporate, media, and financial players behind the hoax. Key historical events are detailed to provide a bigger picture of what it all means.

I have attempted to provide:

comprehensive evidence of the Covid-19 hoax;

technical analysis and evidence showing that a Covid-19 virus causing disease simply does not exist (no evidence Covid-19 exists – never been isolated, ever);

the pandemic situation was planned with a purpose;

the Covid-19 death numbers are fraudulent;

flawed modelling and false case numbers were used to justify world lockdown;

the fraudulent Covid-19 PCR test created false case numbers;

and that virology took a wrong turn – pathogenic viruses causing disease do not exist.

The book also details the following topics: an analytical timeline of the banking and corporate landscape over the years 1913 to 2019, prior the Covid-19 lockdown; analysis of the UN Agenda 2030 and WEF technocratic reset agenda; the hoax required a single controlling world influence – single group control of the world’s mega-corps/mega-banks; and a humble spiritual perspective on the economic power game.

The following are extracts from the book.

The pandemic was pre-planned

In addition, to the unscrupulous relationship between the WHO and vaccine companies, we see that Covid-19 is, in reality, a ‘live exercise’ that has been meticulously planned for the past 20 years.

Millions of Covid-19 test kits specifically labelled Covid-19 were sold and exported worldwide before Covid-19 supposedly even existed, I personally viewed this evidence.

Plans for vaccine passports were in place long before the so-called pandemic started; and the infamous WEF event 201 coronavirus pandemic simulation event took place 3 months prior to the so-called real coronavirus pandemic.

Furthermore, a smoking gun deal, the Bill Gates contact TRACE deal took place six months before the pandemic. 20

A decision for a worldwide lockdown had already been taken at the WEF conference in Davos, 21 – 24 January 2020, i.e., a decision that obviously would collapse the world economy.

There were only 150 so-called Covid-19 cases outside of China at that time.

On March 11, Dr Tedros, Director General of WHO, declared a pandemic, under the advice/instruction of the private-public partnerships that advise the WHO, i.e., under advice from the vaccine companies. Note that Tedros, an accused genocidist, previously served as a minister in a violently oppressive rooted regime in Ethiopia from 2012 to 2016. In preparation for the live 2020 exercise, simulation exercises of communist-type authoritarian control in the face of a virus, have been running since 1999.

The Rockefeller Foundation rehearsal for a pandemic and ‘Lockstep’ strategy for world totalitarian control illustrates exactly what later occurred worldwide. In Germany, the pandemic was declared based on the opinion of just one person, the same person involved the swine flu hoax; and in Australia, corruption was exposed in which the government was taking advice from lobbyists being paid tens of millions of dollars

No increase in infections only a rapidly increasing use of a flawed Covid-19 test

The Covid-19 PCR test is flawed and fraudulent; It was never the Covid-19 infection rate that was increasing exponentially, but the number of PCR tests being carried out. Independent analysis of the evidence by numerous doctors and scientists comprehensively proves that the PCR test is bogus and fraudulent.


No Worries No Virus

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