Why the Whores of “government” Make Sure Kids Are Not Taught Cursive Reading and Writing

All the old documents of historical relevance, all the writings of the American founding fathers, all the writings of the American Revolutionaries, all the writings of the people who lived and were murdered by the USA in the invasion of the South, all the old land grants which cut “government” out of authority on a Living Soul’s private lands, were written in cursive.

If the whole modern population can not read the writings of history, then they must accept the printed translations and interpretations of those who are herding them straight through the slaughterhouse doors.

To further dumb down the sheeple, “government” has mandated that people drink a hazardous material, Industrial fluoride which causes cancer, brittle bones and makes the children have lower IQs than kids who grew up drinking water without the dumb elixir of fluoride.

The sheep love the shit out of the evil bastards and their political whores who make war against humanity.

The sheep vote for the same liars and 30 shekel whores again and again so they can “fix” the problems the 30 shekel whores and their masters caused in the first place.

I truly believe if Lucifer,

the bringer of knowledge (Light or the stolen fire of the gods, Odin’s poetic mead)) to humanity, had it to all do over again after having watched the Charlie Foxtrot the human sheep monkeys have made of their world with the knowledge he gave them, he would have just BBQed a damn goat and gone fishing on that day leaving the sheep humans to their slavery to the jackals they seem to love more Than life itself.

For all you hypocritical self righteous bible thumpers out there, Lucifer works for God, always has, always will.
Lucifer is what he is because that is how God created him, as a warrior, as God’s junk yard dog.

He has a sense of humor.
He once told Gabriel he was hoto as all he did was go around blowing on things.

He has no interest in the souls of the sheep monkeys beyond wanting them to become human, higher spiritual beings.
Sheep monkey souls are administered by beings of much lower pay grade than Lucifer.

The “devil” don’t make the sheep monkeys do the evil they do.
They do that evil because evil is what they love.

Think of him as God’s bounty hunter for old souls who have gone to the dark side.
If one is an old soul turned to evil and pissing in the face of the creator God, then Lucifer IS their “devil”, coming for their asses and souls.

The Ole Dog!

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