The Gates of Hel Have Opened, To Receive The Coming Flood

The Gates of Hel have opened to receive the coming flood-
Of the dying, starved, emaciated, mutilated, drenched in blood-

A steady stream of homeless Humanity, crossing to the other side-
Confused, befuddled, lost, still not understanding why they died-

Victims of the RothsRats, and their thirty shekel whores-
Baby raping degenerates, hiding their deviancy behind closed church doors-

They dance a tune of death in a Khazarian magicians illusion-
A tune of Pedophilia, Usury, Murder, and willing collision-

The clueless sheep bleat and follow obediently along-
As the RothsRat gentuza sing the Pedophile’s Pied Piper’s Song-

A life is a terrible thing to waste, a crime against nature-
Soul sold for a romp in the cat house of life for fleeting pleasure-

The time has come, to separate the goats from the sheep-
In these times, sex and life are both sold damn cheap-

The Ole Dog!

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