The Mythical “good” Jew

I hear and read people admitting the Khazarian Jews are evil and the cause of most all evil in the world today, while trying to give the majority of the rank and file Jews a pass.

They try to claim the evil Jews are just the ones on top, a handful of evil ones who use the rest as a buffer between themselves and retribution for their crimes against humanity.

They wring their hands that when humanity has had enough soon, the mobs will not be able to tell the “good” Jews from the bad Jews.

No worries mate!
There are no “good” Jews.

Jew is a cult religion, not an ethnicity, not a sub race of the human race.
Jew is a member of the End of Times Pedophilia & Death Cult.
This cult is split between the Zionist Zombie Jews and the Commie Jews.

ANYONE who self identifies as a Jew is a danger to Humanity and their host country.

The cult demands the Jew Cult member be first, foremost and loyal ONLY to the cult.

The vast majority of Jews today are Khazarians.

All Jews are evil.

Not all Khazarians are Jews.

Just because someone is Khazarian does not make them evil.
I know some good Khazarians.
But they are not Jews.

No matter what ethnicity a Jew is, they are evil.
They are demonically possessed.
Their parents fill them with lies, fill them with hate, teach them evil till they are easily possessed by the evil spirits or demons which are very much still around.

I tried for years to figure out how to take out the top Khazarian mafia Jews while sparing the rank and file Jews.
It can not be done.
They are brainwashed till they will sacrifice their own soul, their own chance at being human to further the evil goals of the cult.

I knew a Jew women who I warned years ago to distance herself from Israel as things were going to come out about the evil Israel had done and that when the mobs got started, any Jew who was associated with Israel would be fair game.

She assured me she was doing so.
Then Trump

said he was going to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem to further help the Khazarians steal Palestine from the Palestinians,

and I saw this women on Facebook shitting her pants in joy.

She is not an American.
Hell, she is not even human.
She has no soul.

Once they are possessed, I do not believe they can be saved from their own evil.

At this point, I am as tired of trying to save them from themselves as Jesus the Christ was tired of trying to save the sheep after the sheep helped the Romans nail his ass to a tree.

The Jew Cult has proved again and again throughout history they are unable to live peacefully with humans who are not members of their End of Times Pedophilia & Death Cult.

Want humanity to survive?
The Jewish cult must be eradicated.
It is that simple.

The Ole Dog!

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