Perhaps It Is Time To Take a Couple of Steps Back

I think God will not mind if I take a few steps back and spend my time doing other things now.

The time line of “history” is cobbled together and will not stand a close inspection and pass the smell test.

Most of the “history” humanity has been fed if not outright bull shit, has been half truth twisted, tortured until it does not even represent what really happened.

American “history” is like a fairytale.
It is perhaps about 10% truth mixed in with 90% USA GRADE A PIG SHIT.

The charlatan “religious” leaders condone raping children and promote communism.

And the sheep seem to be attracted to the slaughterhouse by some irresistible force they do not even want to fight.

Everything which could be said, has been said.
And it made no difference.

I am among the truth tellers who put bulls eyes on our asses to warn the sheep.
The sheep hate the truth tellers for exposing them to the truth.

It has gotten to where I can not stand to watch any “news” on TV.
When one understands the truth and can smell bull shit a mile off, watching the propaganda fed the sheep on a daily basis is not only a waste of time, it turns ones stomach.

It has gotten to where I scan the headlines but can not bring myself to waste my time reading the pig shit spewed out from sources the sheep consider “alternative media”.

For years I have forsaken doing things I wanted to do, things I needed to do to put out the truth and warn the sheep of the unadulterated Zionist Zombie baboon shit being shoveled down their pie hole each day.

And I see no one standing up.
I see no one fighting where and when it matters.

In America the sheep are caterwauling about saving a constitution which has been dead and meaningless after 1861.

They want to “save” the “democracy” America never was.
It was a constitutional republic, but that died also in 1861, replaced with a soviet styled Marxist Mandatory Military Dictatorship with a bunch of child raping 3ed string clowns in Washington DC who put on a show for the sheep so the sheep still think the Revolutionaries Volunteer Union which has been dead for 161 years just needs a little tender loving care to “save” it.

I have two classic motorcycles which have sat in my barn for years I wanted to get back on the road, but I spent my time telling the truth the sheep hated and refused to listen to.

I have not been fishing in years while I hammered two fingered on a keyboard to try to help the sheep who do not want to be saved from themselves.

I have put off learning more guitar cords, getting started on the mandolin and bass guitar while I screamed electronically the truth until I feel like John the Baptist, ” voice crying out in the wilderness” where no one is there to listen.

I have fence to build, a garden to water, a plumbing job on the house to finish, the oldest grandson wants me to teach him to shoot and handle weapons, and many books which I want to read.

I think the sheep love taking it up the ass from the jackals.
I think the thought of not having some “authority” figure to tell them when to pee and when to poop, scares the sheep shit out of them.

I have goats which need to be BBQed.
Others which need to be butchered so my family has meat to eat when the jackals feed the sheep left alive after the killer jabs, bugs.

My grandsons need to learn how to mend things, butcher animals, raise gardens, compost soil, and read some of the very old books in my extensive library so they come to know the truth, and the evil of organized religions, politicians and Usury bankers.

There are years of articles on this blog.
Most people will never read all which is already posted.

I think I will be spending much less time trying to keep the sheep from entering the slaughterhouse doors.
Might still post something now and again but I have lost interest in the goings on of this insane asylum world.

I tried to hide in the crowd this life, but God found me and reminded me I had duty to God.
I have done that duty of warning the sheep who do not want to know the truth and hate the truth tellers.

If enough sheep die from the jabs, if enough sheep get tired of evil pedophiles f##king their lambs up the ass, if enough sheep get tired of working all their lives so evil f##ks who never broke a sweat can live like kings, if the sheep show me there is a snow ball’s chance in hell of them standing up, perhaps then God will task me with helping set up common law courts, writing constitutions, setting as a judge over trials of evil mass murdering jackals, teaching them how to grow food, be self sufficient.

Until that time and on the condition God orders me back into the race, I have some weapons to clean, some goats to BBQ, some fishing gear to gather up from the four corners of my barn, some books to read, some motorcycles to get running, some fence to build, some plumbing to do, and I bought a nice little classical guitar to add to my collection yesterday out of a thrift store.

If I ran my hands over other women, my wife would kill me.
But she don’t mind in the least how many guitars I run my hands over.

Till next time.

The Ole Dog!

2 thoughts on “Perhaps It Is Time To Take a Couple of Steps Back

  1. John I understand your sentiments.

    Thank you very much for all that you have done. I don’t think there’s more that even you could do to further help the sheep.

    What will be will be. Let nature take its course.

    Wishing you you productivity and fulfillment in your other activities!


  2. You’ve earned a rest from work not unlike that of Biblical prophets: thankless, mostly unacknowledged, except in cat-calls and other, derogatory treatment. By all means, John, do tend to your own gardens, enjoy the old bikes, have them roar once again along the highway! You deserve a respite!

    My thanks to you for your good works, memorable memes, your stalwart assertion of Truth. I, too, tend to my fledgling gardens, my guitars untouched for two years as I made the transition from the US to Mexico. If GOD has a need for you and me down the road a ways, I have no doubt His call we shall hear and heed.

    In the meantime, mean times morphing meaner as the days grow longer, then shorter, as the Moon waxes , then wanes, make hay while the Sun shines!

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