Past Time For Humanity To Convene Common Law Courts & Hang All The “elite” Mass Murderers

“Kissinger Is Believed To Be Responsible For Over 3 Million Civilian Deaths”

This Rothschild’s minion of the dark side is evil.
Murder is a hanging offense.

This evil f##k has mass murdered over three million humans and he will soon die of old age, fat and rich unless he is hanged soon.

This evil piece of hammered baboon shit lied for the Rothschilds

In order to “justify” to the American sheep and the world, USA’s illegal invasion of Iraq, holocaust of the Iraqi people, the destruction of Iraqi society, theft of Iraqi natural resources and the to this day illegal occupation of Iraq by USA/DC war criminal military forces.

The excuse used, it was a damned lie and everyone in DC knew it was a lie, was Iraq was developing weapons of Mass Destruction.

This from the City State which has thousands of nuclear weapons, remains the only power in the world to have EVER used such weapons on humanity, has holocausted millions of children, women and old men in unjustified wars based on false flags and lies.

The ONLY two wars in US history which can be justified is the American Revolution against the British as Americans had a right to rule themselves.

They have not done a real good job of that and America could not be more of a 3ed world evil shit hole if they had stayed a British colony, but they did have the right to try to rule themselves so one can justify that war.

The only other war which can be justified is the Confederates trying to stop the USA invading terrorist from gang raping their children to death, gang raping pregnant women and minister’s daughters to death, setting fire to whole cities filled with civilians, stealing everything, purposely starving tens of thousands of children to death,

and the outright holocaust of damn near a million Americans by the USA war criminals.

Other than these two, no wars USA has done can be justified once the lies in USA history books are pealed back to allow the light of true history to shine forth.

This means the millions the USA has holocausted in all the other wars were murder, mass murder by evil psychopaths aided by the cheers and votes of the American sheep.

Papa CIA BadBush the serial child rapist has already gone to hell having died of old age, but the others in the above pictures are enjoying raping children, eating the best meals, living high on the hog till this very day while the innocent blood they spilled cries out for justice.

For years the evil sons of bitches who take their orders from the demonic Ratschilds have been spraying modified fly ash on your heads, the heavy medal particles get caught in your, your children and your pet’s lungs, gets into the water supplies, coats the foods you eat, and lands on the forest so when there is a forrest fire they burn out of control fuels by the flammable fine coating metals.

For the last three years millions of humans have been Holocausted with Loaded syringes


FORCED on humanity world wide by the above Ratschiold’s political minion of the dark side whores,

Many blackmailed with Mossad Jeffery Child Rape Honey Trap Blackmail Videos.

And while we are on the subject, many of the evil child raping perverts are know who they are, they are presidents

Congress critters,


Fake “royalty”

Charlatan Religious “leaders”

Pedophile preachers, priest and popes put words in God’s mouth telling humans to commit suicide with Ratschild’s Witch’s Brew, Voodoo Chemical/Biological Human Herd Culling Weapon.

Self Defense is a God Given Right!!!

And you Christians need to stop loving and voting for baby rapers and obey Jesus’s command on what should be done with baby rapers.

A parent who will not defend their children from Killer Jabs and diseased baby raper’s dicks are lower than hammered pig shit and will have to answer to God on the other side.

Fair Common Law Trials.

Fair Hangings!!!!

The Ole Dog!

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