Past Time For Humanity To Convene Common Law Courts & Hang All The “elite” Mass Murderers

“Kissinger Is Believed To Be Responsible For Over 3 Million Civilian Deaths” This Rothschild’s minion of the dark side is evil. Murder is a hanging offense. This evil f##k has mass murdered over three million humans and he will soon die of old age, fat and rich unless he is hanged soon. This evil […]

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced Wednesday he is running For Head Ratschild’s Dick Sucker From DC in 2024

Soulless Zionist Zombie virus host Ron DeSantis announced today on fellow Soulless Zionist Zombie Host Elon Musk Twitter Litter he pretends to own which is really a Ratschild’s disinformation site, that DeSantis is running for Head Ratschild’s Dick Sucker from the USA/DC branch of the Ratschild’s one world government Empire. I can deal with evil […]