USA Eagle Trying Clumsy Foreplay With Russian Bear for Annal Sex

First allow me to explain to you how things got to this point.

In 2014 under the Obombister’s watch

The Non Semitic Turkmen Mongolian mongrel Khazarian Israhell Citizen Jew

Cookies Nuland

Israhell Citizen Khazarian Jew Cookies Nuland passes out cookies to the survivors of Ukrainians who were not shot down by the terrorist she hired to murder Ukrainians to blame it on the Duly elected Ukrainian government, so USA could overthrow the government and install a puppet “government” which they had start murdering ethnic Russians inside Ukraine

plying her trade from the US State Department using 5 BILLION fiat dollars stolen from the struggling American Tax Payer, to hire terrorist to murder Ukrainians so she could blame the murders she and the CIA bought on the duly elected Ukrainian government so USA could overthrow said government, install a puppet government which USA had start mass murdering ethnic Russians caught inside Ukrainian line from the break up of the USSR in 1991.

For 8 years the holocaust of ethnic Russians continued while the red Russian Turkmen Mongolian mongrel Khazarian Jew the Putinister did nothing.

But when the truth started coming out the Ratschild’s

Witch’s Brew, Voodoo Human Herd Culling Euthanasia Killer Jab

was holocusting millions of humans, disabling millions of humans, sterilizing females as well as causing them to abort their unborn babies, a distraction was needed.

So like a good Ratschild’s bitch, the Putinister

militarily invaded Ukraine.

I come from the family lines from which most all the great American generals came from.

George Washington, Andrew Jackson, Zachary Taylor, Robert E Lee, Stonewall Jackson, Richard Taylor, George Patton and others.

Before America my ancestors were such as Julius Caesar, Mark Anthony, the Merovingian Long Haired Kings, as well as the Capetian French kings who replaced them, the Castilian kings including Fernando 3ed who kicked the Moors out of Spain and united the country, Ragnar, Rollo the Walker, William the Bastard, Henry the 2nd, Richard the Lion, and Edward Longshanks.

Of the 25 Insurers of the Magna Carta, the 17 which have living prodigy are my great grandfather types, during the American Revolution my cousins were commanding generals on both sides and the president of the constitutional convention was my 2nd cousin.

When I graduated high school and took my university entrance exam I scored in the top 97% of the whole damn country and territories in history, Government, Law, Economics AND Military Matters.

That damned yankee spelling, puritan yankee adulterated English composition and mixing the alphabet with numbers knocked my scores down a bit.

The local congressman called my father to see if his baby boy wanted a “free” “education” at West Point.
My Viet Nam vet brother and other vets had filled me in on the ‘attributes” of West Point grads in Viet Nam, I knew I had way too much military knowledge and ability to go associating with them f##k ups, so I passed and did mine enlisted.


could have wrapped up the Ukraine war

inside a week.

But that was not the plan.
Beside giving folks something other than sick and dying humans because of the Ratschild’s killer jabs to talk about was not the only reason the Ratschilds ordered the Putinister to invade.

Energy prices were driven up.
Grain exports from Russia and Ukraine were severely effected helping to set up the food shortage meant to force humans to eat bugs

Greta Ratschild.
Her great grandfather was a Rothschild’s bastard kid who was given his mother’s maiden last name.

and to starve humanity into submission to the Ratschild’s wet dream of a one world communist dictatorship with them running it.

Also it is being used to drain Western counties of defensive weapons so when the Ratschilds make their move to completely take over these counties they have no means to fight back.

There are other benefits for the Ratschilds also.

The red Russian Non Semitic Turkmen Mongolian mongrel Khazarian Jew Cult members running Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac

Have hands all over little girls Joe by his withered balls.

And little girls

Hands Biden is doing his best to start a war with Russia for the benefit of the Ratschilds.

I believe wars are not healthy for the common people who do the killing and dying while pedophile political whores stay far from the front lines in their thousand dollar three piece suits and eat the best cuts of meat while drinking the best booze, snorting the best illegal drugs and raping little children.

Multi-generational pedo Hands Biden lip smooches granddaughter

So Hands all over little girls Joe wants a war with the Putinister.

Let the two Ratschild’s bitches fight a duel.
The one dies, lost the war.
The one who lives, won the war.
With any luck, they kill each other.

Anyway it turns out, when it is over both countries celebrate the end of the “war” with a three day BBQ and beer bust party!

(Let the war begin)

The Putinister snarled angrily at Biden, you chump-
Ratschild loves me the best, rubbing his rump-

Hands Biden responded with a sneer-
And a little girl molesting leer-

Ratschild told me you had little junk-
And your orifice was loose in your trunk-

Putinister snarled in anger and disdain-
Oh yeah, he told me you were a major pain-

In his Holocausting and baby raping ass-
And on doing you again he would gladly pass-

A cat house fight between Zionist Zombie whores-
Endangers the world at large, opening Hell’s own doors-

So it was decided by all truthful and moral mankind-
They both had lost their damned fucking minds-

It was decided on a peace plan-
So the endangered white dove could again land-

It was decided the scourge of Putinister’s and Hand’s hissy fit-
Should not affect the rest of the world one tiny damn bit-

So Back to back they pulled the pins-
That the world could know peace again-

The Ole Dog!

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