How Washington DC Political Whores Are Using American’s Tax Funds To Pay Hospitals To Murder Americans

Good information about Washington DC whores using American’s tax funds to pay hospitals to holocaust Americans. But the article includes words which seem to assume the “COVID-19” Scamdemic was real, but hospitals were not allowed to treat it properly and still get huge bribes from Washington DC. The hospitals were knowingly murdering anyone they could […]

Military action in Mexico should be on the table – US congressman Texas Republican Dan Crenshaw has argued that drug cartels in the neighboring country pose a “clear and present danger”

What does the scalawag Israhell Firtser treasonous son of a bitch want the US Military to do in Mexico? Forcibly sterilize most of the Mexicans? A Clear and present danger to the Occupied by the USA/DC Illegally for 158 years, Republic of Texas is all the Mexico gentuza the USA is importing to replace real […]

Vaccines cause autism

“The facts about vaccination – so that you can make up your own mind. Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA has been researching and writing about vaccines for 50 years. He has lectured doctors and nurses on the subject. He used to debate vaccination on TV and radio but won every public debate and […]

Killer Jabbed BA stewardess collapses during flight from Heathrow to Romania, forcing plane to divert for ‘medical emergency’

“-‘She was quite a young woman and was clearly very unwell and a medical emergency was declared. —— The airline has declined to reveal the identity of the sick woman as well as what caused her to collapse.-” You will never be able to bring to justice (hang the asses) of the killer jabbers until […]