US Admits Holocausting a Peaceful Sheep Herder In Syria

Relatives said the victim Holocausted by an USA Murder Drone controlled by Israelis was a peaceful farmer and not a Mossad’s proxy terrorist group Al-Qaeda member. The USA International For Profit Corporation illegally in a war crime invaded Syria and has kept occupation troops there ever since running interference for Israel’s proxy terrorist groups, […]

‘Death Outlives War’: Analysis Estimates Post-False Flag by Israel and Washington DC 9/11 ​US Conflicts Holocaust Over 4.5 Million

“The United States government, while not solely responsible for the damage, has a significant obligation to invest in humanitarian assistance and reconstruction in post-9/11 war zones,” said the author of a new report.” The Ratschilds ARE the US “government. The Ratschilds ordered the false flag of 9-11 and the next twenty years of illegal immoral, […]

When The Soul Comes

Once one leaves the illusions of the indoctrinated and ignorant, there are a lot of rabbit holes to go down. One of them is the question of when the soul or the spirit of an individual enters the human body. Bible thumpers will say it is the split second when the sperm hits the egg. […]