What the Hell, Are You Calling God a Clueless Bleating Sheep?

‘What the Hell, Are You Calling God a Clueless Bleating Sheep?’

God is not a “human” like creature with ESP and a magic wand so-
God can know everything every sheep wants and send it tied in a multicolored bow-

God is the spark of life throughout the universe far and wide-
God is not a war monger so don’t be claiming God is on your side-

In wars in which the sheep with glee slaughter each other-
For the Jackals who are born of a demonic whore mother-

God is the small bird singing sweetly in a tree-
God is the storm from which sailors try to find a lee-

God is the wind whispering of places far away it has seen-
God is the peaceful meadow of multicolored flowers with leaves of green-

God is the glue which keeps the universe together and growing-
God is the wonder of the night sky, purple with billions of stars glowing-

God is the creator of all lifeforms in many a diverse world far and near-
God is the emotion of sadness or happiness expressed in a child’s single tear-

Sheep “humans” claim God made them alone in God’s image from the waters of the deep-
What the hell, are you calling God a clueless bleating sheep?

The Ole Dog!

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