Max tries to wake the sheep again.
I will pass sit along.

He has tried for years to stop what is here now, and it happened anyway because the sheep are sheep and the truth makes the sheep, well, fearful and uncomfortable.

The sheep seem to want to walk through the slaughterhouse door without thinking of what is on the other side because, well, if they knew what the jackals had planned on the other side of the doors, it would make them fearful and uncomfortable.

The sheep’s greatest hope is for a well placed bullet in the back of their heads they never saw coming.
That way they can go on believing all the sold out political whores they vote for again and again really love them all the time.
And not just when they are sticking their dicks up the sheep’s asses.

I personally do not hold out much hope for humanity.
The Jackals have been forcing killer jabs

for a non existent virus on the sheep for three years, there are stories and videos galore of people falling down kicking as soon as they were jabbed, those dying “suddenly”, “unexpected”, Unexplained by the millions.

And what do the sheep do?
They go get “booster” jabbed, and keep voting for the evil f##ks who are helping the jackals cull the human herd while overrunning their countries with 3ed world peoples

who the jackals are bombing out of their own countries so they will overrun societies in which they do not know how or want to behave in.

And the sheep do nothing.

I will believe the sheep are becoming humans with a set of balls when Nuremberg Common law Tribunals

have been convened world wide and the sheep have given fair trials and fair hangings

to at least a few hundred thousand of the religious charlatans,

“Media” talking heads,

political whores

who have been helping the jackals


the sheep’s lambs.

The Ole Dog!


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