The JFK Assassination & Robert Kennedy Jr.”s Posturing

Anyone who believes the USA’s version of the JFK murder is a complete idiot who would be challenged to walk and chew gun at the same time.

No need to go back over something which has had more books written about it alone than the total number of books most people have read in a lifetime.

First let me un-saint JFK.

He was a insider from a rich family who made their fortune bootlegging booze.
He was a whoremonger.
Jackie tired of him cheating on her was getting ready to divorce him before he ran for president, but went along for the ride because as a yankee Catholic, he already had two strikes against him and a divorce would have made it three.

Young people today have no concept of how taboo divorce was back in those days.

He and Robert were more than likely responsible for the murder of Marilyn Monroe.
They were screwing around with her.
She was not the sharpest knife in the drawer and really thought JFK would divorce Jackie and marry her.
She did not understand she was just one more sexual toy, one more bimbo in a countless parade of bimbos.

She was going to cause trouble for JFK who intended to run for president again.

But why was he killed.

He was anti-communist, anti-CIA, anti-Not Federal, No reserve(s) and Not a bank, anti-Viet Nam War, was going to stop the Rothschilds in occupied Palestine from getting illegal nuclear weapons and was pro-America.

Robert as Attorney General was also going to bring LBJ up on murder charges for a murder LBJ had done back in Texas in his early political strong arming and very corrupt career.
This was going to be done so JFK could replace him with someone else as Vice President in his next term.

No, LBJ was not the moving force in JFK’s murder, but JFK’s murder saved his ass, kept him from being brought up on murder charges, made him president.

He knew it was going to happen and his ass was owned afterwards lock, stock and barrel by those who did it.
He served the perpetrator of JFK’s murder loyally.

Robert Kennedy Jr. is making noise about the CIA being involved.
Of course they were.
But who owns and runs the CIA.
Not the American people.
Not the political whore hand puppets who sit in the Oval Office or the halls of congress.

JFK recognized the CIA was conceived, founded and run by a foreign to America group and was a real and present danger to the sovereignty of an American state .

That’s why he said he was going to bust the CIA and do away with them.

So who owns and runs the CIA.
The CIA is basically the WW2 OSS, Office of Strategic Services founded by the Communist Khazarian Usury Banker’s bitch FDR who instigated Japan to attack USA military forces in the Polynesian Kingdom of Hawaii which the USA was illegally by force occupying so he could drag Americans into a war Americans did not want.

FDR chose to head the OSS, “Wild” Bill Donavan.

Time and investigation have proved Donavan was a British Double agent.
In other words, he was working for the British establishment’s interest and against the interest of America and Americans.

Who owns and runs the British establishment?

It is certainly NOT the FAKE “royals”.

Who owns and runs the Rothschild’s private fiefdom called Israel in occupied Palestine?

So it is the Rothschilds who run Israel, who run Britain, who run the CIA.

Back to the OSS/CIA.

The OSS was used during WW2 to betray American interest and to further Rothschild’s red Russian communism spreading to work towards the One World Unelected Communistic Dictatorship run by the Rothschilds which has been planned for generations.

While the USA was allied with Nationalist China, a USA organization, the OSS was actively training communist guerrillas to overthrow Nationalist China and implement the CCP

The overthrow of Russia by communist, the USSR, was and always was a Rothschild run invasion and occupation of Russia.

Jew is not a race, Jew is a cult.
The end of times Pedophile’s Death cult religion.

General George S Patton was an American first and foremost.
When FDR had the No Combat Coward Communist banker’s bitch Ike pull George’s fuel, ammo and supplies in 1944, it was to stop him from ending the war in Europe too soon as there were still three countries between the USSR and occupying Germany so the Cold War could happen.

German generals said afterwards if Patton had been allowed to cross the Rhine in 1944, German resistance would have collapsed and the War in Europe would have been over.

There would have been no Battle of the Bulge in which more Americans died than any other battle in Europe to include the D Day Landings.

There would have been no Cold War.

No Americans dying in pre-planned Korean and Viet Nam Wars.

After the war was over Patton was still trying to stop the Pre-Planned Cold War and stop Rothschild’s red Russian Communism/Zionist twins from the complete takeover of the power structure in Washington DC.

So Wild Bill Donavan paid in 1945 dollars, ten thousand dollars to an OSS operative to murder Patton.

“Murder, He Wrote…

… And he wrote the true story. Investigative and military reporter Robert Wilcox unravels the mystery surrounding the death of one of history’s preeminent war heroes: George S. Patton. Wilcox cries foul play and reveals the shocking truth behind Old Blood and Guts’ untimely demise in Target: Patton—the Plot to Assassinate General George S. Patton.

Conflicting testimony, disappearing witnesses, missing official reports, a suspicious Stalin, and a lack of autopsy comprise the greatest unsolved mystery of World War II.

Find out “whodunit” in this thrilling account of America’s most famous general.”

JFK was not the first American murdered by the Rothschilds for standing up for America against the Rothschild’s planned takeover.
There were several more high profile Americans murdered by the Rothschilds between Patton and JFK.

“The second edition, with its first of two new chapters, reveals that the stories that Forrestal had experienced some sort of sudden breakdown, prompting his hospital confinement, are almost certainly false. The second new chapter presents evidence that the deaths of other prominent and influential individuals, including that of T.E. Lawrence, the famed “Lawrence of Arabia,” were likely assassinations, and they might well have been done by the same people who were responsible for Forrestal’s death. Overall, using primarily information provided in the Navy’s official investigation of the death of America’s first Secretary of Defense, which had been kept secret for 55 years, The Assassination of James Forrestal thoroughly demolishes the widely believed view that Forrestal’s fall from a 16th-floor window of the Bethesda Naval Hospital on May 22, 1949, was an act of suicide. The official report, in fact, did not conclude that Forrestal committed suicide. It concluded only that the fall caused his death and that no one in the U.S. Navy was responsible for it. A major reason why the suicide thesis is still widely believed is that the news of the release of the official report, which the author obtained through the Freedom of Information Act in 2004, has been effectively suppressed. Building upon what he has long made available on his web site, and in the manner of his 2018 book, The Martyrdom of Thomas Merton: An Investigation, co-authored with Hugh Turley, David Martin breaks through the wall of silence and misinformation. This meticulous examination of the violent death of the leading government critic of American support for the creation of the state of Israel is vital to an understanding of U.S. and world history since the mid-20th century.”

Forrestal was murdered because he stood against the formation of Rothschild’s Zionist Israel in Occupied Palestine as he understood it was a danger to America.

McCarthy was a WW2 hero, a US senator who was exposing high high up in the US government and military Rothschild’s red Russian Communism/Zionism had infiltrated both organizations.

He checked into the naval hospital with a knee problem from his WW2 service and died 3 days later of hepatitis.

The Communist controlled US government and “news” media said he died of Hepatitis brought on by Sorosis of the liver from drinking, except the hepatitis he died from was a bacterial hepatitis which he was not infected with before entering the hospital and he did not have sorosis of the liver.

This is the same Naval hospital Forrestal was thrown out an upstairs window from, and with issued all the lies following the cover up “autopsy” done at the Naval Hospital.

After McCarthy’s murder the No Combat Coward Communist banker’s bitch Ike

who was then president had all the military records which would have proved McCarthy right about high up communist infiltration in the US military, destroyed.

Now back to Robert Kennedy Jr.

He is intelligent enough to know the power running Washington DC uses “presidents” as hand puppets ever since the same power murdered his father and uncle.

So why would he want to be one and serve the power which murdered his father and uncle?

Either his sold his soul and ass for money and prestige, or the Rothschilds have some really nasty dirt on him and he is being blackmailed to serve the purpose of the Rothschild’s against America.

He runs an organization which supposedly fights against the evil of vaccines including the mRNA killer jabs.
Yet when one of his children had a birthday party at his house he mandated no one could attend who was not killer jabbed.

He blamed that call on his wife saying he guessed he was not the final say in his household.

So Robert Kennedy Jr. is either a hypocrite, bribed, blackmailed, a pussywhipped male or all of the above.

Do you want for president, forgetting they are only a hand puppet for the Rothschilds, a hypocritical male with out any balls who’s wife wears the pants?

Who in addition is obviously also either bribed, blackmailed or both?

The JFK murder is being pushed by the Rothschild’s media whores now as all the people involved in it are now dead so beyond justice on this side of the vail, and distractions are needed to keep the sheep going in circles

without paying attention to the current Rothschild’s acts against what is left of America, the Rothschild’s attempt to implement their wet dream of and long lusted for complete takeover of all the world, making slaves of all humans they do not cull first with their killer jabs for a faked scamdemic

and their many wars.

I am an American and cousin George and I are in complete agreement here.

The Ole Dog!

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