A Real Warrior

A real Warrior is a protector of his kind-
A real Warrior is a creature of a very complex mind-

He does not like to take life away-
But sometimes has to keeping evil from his people at bay-

One can teach a sheep to march, to shoot and to kill-
But that makes not a true warrior still-

A real warrior can not with book learning or academy instruction made-
He is born so with many lives of battle becoming a master of the blade-

In former lives while the sheep herd huddled in fear-
He went forth to defend all the herd held dear-

He stands apart from the crowd-
He is not strutting, Boisterous. overly loud-

He understands the value of a life and is loath to take one-
Until good is threatened, evil puts the innocent under the gun-

He can not understand the cowardliness of the sheep-
Who march straight through the slaughterhouse door without a peep-

It is not a calling or position he longs for each and every day-
But is how God chose to create him, to craft him in this way-

He takes the blood of others on his hands-
So the sheep can live in peace in their lands.

The Ole Dog!

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