Schools Over, Just Waiting For Graduation

I recall the last week or so I spent in high school.
It was all over.
All the classes were finished.
All the test had been taken.
All the scores tabulated.
Those who had made the grade knew they had made it.
Those who were considering higher education had taken their university entrance exam.

It was all done, after a lifetime of different grades, this school was done now.
We were just waiting for the ceremony and that walk up to take that bit of paper.
It was done.

Some understand the basics of reincarnation and the basic rules of this school house rock.

Some go deep down many rabbit holes, these understand more fully the rules of reincarnation, the rules for advancement to a higher education than this world, this dimension offers.

Each school is about 26,000 years long.
Each class in the school for those who pass is one more step to graduation.

Some drop out of school and just waste their time, lost, wandering, never growing.
Some make it to a certain level and have no desire to go farther.
They wander in the wilderness, existing but not living.

Some can never stop until they have found the last kernel of knowledge, digested it so it turns to understanding which gives the needed energy to grow wisdom.

Sometimes this type can trace their lives.
This can be a blessing, and a curse.
The blessing is one can learn from their past mistakes.
The curse is they understand sheep and how many times the sheep helped the jackals murder them for trying to help the sheep.

They can view their lives from the lower classes through each level till they reach the time leading to Ragnarok, or Armageddon, the same time by different names.

That time in this school house rock has come when all the classes are finished.
All the test have been taken.
All the scores have been tabulated.
Those who have made the grade know they have made it.
All those who are going on to a higher level of education know it.

Now it is like that last week or so in high school.
Everything is done, it is just killing time until graduation.
The bleating of the sheep is meaningless at this point.
It is just noise without meaning.
It is the meaningless childish chatter of early grade school children to the ears of one who has left in the past such primitive thoughts and reasoning.

All the past lives are just lessons learned, they are the past, as this one soon will be.
Then graduation when one leaves behind childish things.

The graduate may feel pity or sadness for those who have wasted all the time, all the lives involved, so they will remain chained to this world, will have to repeat the complete cycle of the school again, but there is nothing they can do about those left behind when they graduate.

It is done.

The Ole Dog!

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