My God Said William the Conquer, England Has Finally Hit Solid Rock Bottom

Necked child trying to escape out a window of Buckingham palace on tied together bed of child rape sheets

My God said William the Conquer England has finally hit solid rock bottom-
A “king” crowned from the house of Gomorrah & Sodom-

In days of yore Kings welded swords in the mist of battle-
Now pedophilic “kings” find glee in the raped innocent child’s death rattle-

Oh what shame such as this one has come from our line-
Not to worry Richard the Lion said, you will find-

This No Chin Charlie is not from our loins but commoner trash spawn-
Edward Longshanks said his line was conceived when that slut Cecily Neville banged the Gardner on the lawn-

But he is just what the English people want and need-
This pedophile spawn of the whore’s bad seed-

A pretend king for a land full of pussyfied males-
Who cheer as the Ratschild’s puppet passes by to their ecstatic hails-

God have mercy on them they have finally hit the bottom of the barrel-
A pedophile faggy “king”, a loser’s demonic halloween carol-

Jimmy Savile Save the “king” the English scream-
This pedophilic pussy loser from the Commoner team!

The Ole Dog!

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